Crowfall’s October ACE Q&A livestream discusses expanded build options coming in update 6.2


The month of October is all about update 6.2 for Crowfall, which will be all about deepening the build variety for players of the throne war PvP MMO. The game’s ACE Q&A video for this month took a closer look at the changes that are due to arrive with the update on that front.

The idea behind changing talents is mostly in service of providing more viability; many skills were deemed to be either too useless or mandatory, resulting in less differentiation among classes. The solution that ArtCraft is putting together, then, has three goals: offer a massive number of combinations, introduce greater character variability, and force players to make hard choices.

Part of those “hard choices” comes in the form of Domains, which allow players to effectively dig into sub-class options for their character and their playstyle. Major Disciplines are also being expanded to over 100 options, while an in-game Crowpedia will describe each Discipline’s effects. On the subject of Major Disciplines, they will be expanded to have two active and two passive skills.

The stream then went into a deep dive of how this system and class talents are being changed with a look at the Ranger, which has gotten a wide variety of new abilities that can help it become an anti-stealth attacker. For more on those changes, you can either watch the stream below, read an official rundown, or check out a synopsis of the stream from YouTuber JollyGrimm below the official broadcast embed.

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