Lootbox regulation recommended by Australian parliamentary committee


While words and recommendations can certainly be considered equal to vapor, the fact that Australia’s parliament appears poised to make moves against lockbox monetization is certainly an important development in the ongoing story of lootbox regulation.

A recent report from the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs is recommending that the Australian parliament introduce lootbox regulation and mandatory age checks for purchasing lootboxes, with new standards for online age verification developed by the country’s Digital Transformation Agency and the Australian Cyber Security Centre. The committee is also suggesting that video games containing microtransactions like lockboxes, skins, and other cosmetic items should carry warning labels.

It’s important to note that these are simply recommended steps on what Australia’s government should do, and Labor members of the Committee pointed out that any work on restricting access to lootboxes and other such monetization schemes should be done in partnership with the gaming industry.

Currently, lockboxes do not fall under the purview of Australia’s 2001 Interactive Gambling Act, but the report points to concerns raised by the community about lootboxes as a gateway to gambling and cites a number of recent studies and recommendations from other countries like the UK. This latest report also mirrors concerns raised in 2018, though the government did not support further review of lootboxes in March 2019.


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Yeah vapor…. nobody reads those labels anyway.

Tom De Laet

Sometimes, just every once in a while I get to display some of my country pride. Reading this makes me happy that my country has banned lootboxes (Belgium). And all the more support to the Aussies hoping to get better monetization for their games.

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Jack Pipsam

Yeah if I recall this new lootbox suggestion was thrown into another larger thing looking into things like age-verification checks for porn (that thing the UK tried then scrapped due to all the issues, yeah now suddenly our government is considering giving it a crack /sigh).

No idea if anything would come of this, but it’s entirely possible. Thing is of course if devs cbf doing it for just us, then it might be a Belgium situation of they just turn them off for Australia entirely lol, I guess it depends how much they think they’ll lose or gain.


It is a good thing that governments take notice. These lootboxes should obviously fall under gambling laws.