EVE Down Under: CCP drops EVE Online’s Invasion expansion trailer

CCP Games is out in force in Australia right now for the third leg of the EVE World Tour, and the topic of...

Elder Scrolls Online launches Wrathstone DLC on console, rejects Oceania megaserver

Console players were finally able to jump into Elder Scrolls Online's new Wrathstone DLC yesterday, and some PlayStation 4 players found they...

International regulators co-sign declaration to investigate lockboxes and skin gambling

If you thought Belgium and The Netherlands were going to keep on standing alone in the fight against lootboxes, you were very much mistaken,...
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Australian courts deny Valve’s final appeal in Steam consumer protection case

Looks like Valve is really going to have to pony up in that four-year Australia consumer protection case, which finally drew to a close...
No, you can't be quite this evil.

Aussie courts have fined Valve $2.16M US over its refund policies

Recall that back in November, The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) demanded a $2.16 million US ($3 million AUD) fine from Valve...
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Australian consumer group demands hefty fine for Valve

You're all in the wrong business: You should have become lawyers working for Valve. The company has been the target of more than one...