1998 MMORPG Tibia announces that it’s opening Oceanic servers – with caveats


One of the oldest continually operating MMORPGs on the market is embiggening its scope and reach this month. Tibia’s devs announced on April 1st (no, it’s not a joke, they swear) that they’re opening up a trio of Oceanic servers to give Australia, New Zealand, and other nearby nations faster access on April 10th.

“Within the next weeks, we plan to set up two optional PvP game worlds and one open PvP world which are located in the Oceanic region to improve the gameplay experience for our players from this part of the world,” the team said.

This announcement comes with one heck of a caveat, however. The team said that it “cannot guarantee that Oceania will become an established, lasting server location,” electing instead to run these servers as a 12-month “trial phase” that will be followed by re-evaluation and possible merges or relocation.

Tibia’s been enjoying a mild resurgence this year thanks to a new tutorial and higher player counts.

Source: Tibia, Reddit
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