Tibia sees an uptick in updates as Tibia-inspired 3Dragons plans beta testing


Life over in the classic MMO Tibia has kept going for quite a while now, but things appear to have picked up quite a bit for the elder statesman title, as genre followers have noticed a recent development in the form of a new tutorial.

The adjustments made to this portion of the game last month include updates to where vocation changes occur, new offensive abilities for the Knight and Paladin classes, a new starting area in the form of the Thais Peninsula, and updates to the UI and popup menus. This adjustment is just the latest in a recent spate of updates including a new event involving eating cake golems, launching new optional PvP worlds, and the kickoff of a Rapid Respawn Weekend event near the end of January.

The apparently surprising level of activity from Tibia has caught some fans by surprise, with many presuming that the game is making a push to get itself in the spotlight more after the successful release of Ravendawn.

Speaking of Tibia-inspired MMOs, there’s a new one on the horizon in the form of 3Dragons, which basically looks like Tibia but in an isometric 3-D graphical style. The MMO is headed for a month-long third beta test on Friday, March 1st, complete with a trailer that heralds recent visual updates.

sources: official site (1, 2), Reddit (1, 2)
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