New World details its upcoming Slayer Script backend tech that seeks to improve combat performance


Slayer Script might sound like someone’s created character in a cyberpunk RPG, but it’s not; it’s the pet name Amazon Games is giving the backend tech that’s arriving to New World’s Season of the Guardian, which will hopefully mean that fighting in the MMORPG wil feel a lot better.

It should be pointed out from the jump that Slayer Script isn’t changing combat animations, it’s only making sure they’re more performative, especially in situations where there are a lot of players fighting in one spot. The system will also make it easier for the devs to improve combat going forward, with the ability to allow runtime development and better debugging. Over 400 combat actions have already been migrated to this new script.

Since Slayer Script is mostly a dev tool, the blog discussing it can get a bit technical. Ultimately players shouldn’t notice a difference as actual combat routines will be the same as before; things are just ideally going to perform better going forward.

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