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Lost Ark talks about December’s new Voldis region, new story, and new content in video

The latest update to Lost Ark not only added an edgy new class and a host of quality-of-life updates but also began a series...

Lost Ark’s Korean class balance updates won’t land in the west until January 2024

Last week saw a bit of bad news for western fans of Lost Ark when Amazon Games confirmed that class adjustments made to the...

New World’s PTR is testing crafting features and the Legacy of Crassus event

Do you miss whaling away on big angry cyclopes in New World? Then you probably will want to be in the game's PTR, as...

Vitae Aeternum: Five MMO tips for New World Rise of the Angry Earth newbies

With the hype around Rise of the Angry Earth, a lot of players are starting or restarting their journey in New World. In my...

Vitae Aeternum: New World Rise of the Angry Earth’s generous endgame and season three

We have now arrived at the final installment of my impressions of New World's first paid expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth. Having already...

Vitae Aeternum: New World Rise of the Angry Earth’s uneven Elysian Wilds and main story

In my first post covering New World's Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, I laid praise upon the new mounts and riding skill, as...

New World unveils plans for a temporary free transfer system in congested worlds

With New World continuing to experience population peaks - and the server queues that go along with them - Amazon Games has begun considering...

Choose My Adventure: New World’s flail and void gauntlet go together like peanut butter and jelly

Honestly, that headline really condenses my entire feelings about my time through New World for this week's adventure for Choose My Adventure. I suppose...

New World offers general timelines for fixes to quests and promises to return lost season pass progress

While Rise of the Angry Earth has certainly meant plenty of good things for New World, its release hasn't completely gone to plan either...

Vitae Aeternum: Rise of the Angry Earth mounts and flail are the lift New World needed

New World's first expansion is here, although if I'm being honest it feels more like the second expansion, considering the scale of the Brimstone...

Interview: New World’s Scot Lane on Edengrove housing, transmog tokens, and more

In part one of my interview with New World's game director Scot Lane, we covered topics such as the game's past, future plans, and...

Interview: New World’s Scot Lane on the MMO’s past, future, and upcoming dungeon finder

New World launched two years ago today. While it may have stumbled out of the gate, I believe it has since evolved into one...

New World talks up Rise of the Angry Earth’s Savage Divide dungeon in latest video

As fans of New World know, First Light is going to return as the transformed Elysian Wilds with the Rise of the Angry Earth...

Throne and Liberty offers a rundown of some mid-level bosses, dungeons, and zones that await players

Earlier this month, Throne & Liberty producer Ahn Jong-ok penned a letter to fans that focused mostly on lower level things like a smoother...

Vitae Aeternum: The pros and cons of New World’s transmog

In my very first Vitae Aeternum two years ago, I criticized some of the ways New World lacks character customization. It took a while,...

New World’s devs detail mount trinkets, Edengrove changes, artifact perks, and ‘influence v2’ in latest video

It's probably no surprise that the devs of New World are talking about the forthcoming Rise of the Angry Earth expansion in this month's...
New World ROTAE

Previewing New World’s Rise of the Angry Earth expansion: Artifact gear, endgame, crafting, and onward

In my previous Vitae Aeternum column, I covered the big tentpole features of New World's first paid expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth, including...
New World ROTAE

New World’s first expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth, launches October 3 with mounts, flails, new housing, and more

New World's 2023 roadmap promised its first expansion, but until now, we had few details on what that meant. Recently the folks at Amazon...

New World’s latest patch starts the Siege of Sulfur and applies general game updates

It's time for players of New World to tank on the stinkiest foes ever, and that's saying something considering the presumed odor of every...
Plue Brotocol.

Blue Protocol interview addresses the western version’s combat, story, and content cadence

Blue Protocol is one of the many MMOPRGs that are represented at Gamescom 2023, particularly the Amazon Games-published western edition of the title. That...