Lost Ark brings Inferno difficulty Brelshaza raid and hotly anticipated class balance updates January 10


At the end of December, Lost Ark had to disappoint its players with news that a series of balance updates made to the Korean version of the OARPG wouldn’t come westward until January 2024, which elicited some frowny faces among fans who were excited by the adjustments. We now have a calendar date for when those updates will arrive, and it’s pretty soon: Wednesday, January 10th, to be precise.

The new patch will include a new base build of LA that features “all of the balance changes” made in the Korean version of the game as well as several quality-of-life additions made in the past fall according to Amazon Games.

On top of the balance tweaks, the January 10th patch will launch the Inferno difficulty tier of the Brelshaza legion raid, which requires an item level of 1560 and a full build setup in the Book of Coordination to access, along with a new adventure island known as Lai Lai Island. Full patch notes are expected next week.

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