lost ark

Official Site: Lost Ark (Korean)
Studio: Smilegate
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Fantasy MMOARPG
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

Lost Ark’s roadmap heralds dungeon and raid solo mode, T4, and the North Kurzan continent

Lost Ark's really been churning out the content previews this week; just yesterday, Amazon's video on the June content blast was making apologies for...

Lost Ark previews its Summer Heat raid-centric update, says to expect a slower content cadence this summer

As teased, Smilegate and Amazon have indeed given more info on Lost Ark's Summer Heat update, which launches next week on June 19th with...

Lost Ark promises details for western summer content soon, teases a June 19 update that’s full of dragons

Lost Ark fans are once more being reminded that the Korean MMOARPG released in Korea first, meaning that there's some time to wait between...

Lost Ark’s big region merge of South America into North America East has begun

As promised, Amazon has begun the Great Mergening in Lost Ark with today's maintenance release. OK, nobody's really calling it that, but we should....

First Impressions: Corepunk’s MOBA-esque closed alpha was fun – with lots of room to grow

I've got a pretty good poker face, especially when nobody can see my face. So I've been pretty subtle about my excitement for Corepunk...

The MOP Up: My Time at Sandrock will make you a proper Monster Whisperer

To start off our small news roundup this weekend, let's head over to co-op farm sim My Time at Sandrock, where the devs talked about...

Lost Ark’s May update, Chaos Rising, is live today with the Hanumatan trial guardian raid

If you feel chaos rising today, don't worry - it's just Lost Ark's May update. Chaos Rising is lighter on content, owing to the...

Amazon Games opens new studio in Romania to support ‘ambitious long-term roadmap’

As large parts of the games industry contract, Amazon Games is buying the dip and expanding with a new game dev studio in Bucharest,...

Lost Ark outlines plan for merging South American region into US East

Amazon has been talking up a big global merge for Lost Ark for the last few weeks, and now, we're finally getting some hard...

Lost Ark video recaps Chaos Rising, summer merges, and western skins

This week's Lost Ark Eye on Arkesia this week begins with accolades: Lost Ark players finally stopped cheating long enough for Amazon to crown...

Lost Ark appeases Echidna fans and sets server merges for June 5 – but not for NA West

Amazon's latest dev blog for Lost Ark is generating cheers from the playerbase, which is rare enough that you know we have to dig...

Lost Ark disqualified and punished Thaemine The First race cheaters

File this one under "this is why we can't have nice things": Apparently, some Lost Ark players thought they'd faff around with cheating the...

Lost Ark maps out new raids, continent, and progression systems coming through July 2024

If you can believe it, we're almost a third of the way into 2024, which means we're due for more roadmaps out of Amazon...

The MOP Up: FFXIV recaps its PAX East appearance

In case you missed it in person, you can catch up with all of Final Fantasy XIV's PAX East 2024 developments in a recap...

Lost Ark’s Darkness Unleashed is live with the Thaemine Legion Raid and gear transcendence

Amazon has successfully patched Lost Ark's April update as of this morning: Dubbed Darkness Unleashed, this is the patch with the Thaemine Legion Raid,...

The MOP Up: Skull & Bones’ immersive soundscapes

Skull & Bones hasn't been making many splashes since its debut back in February, but it did drop another video dev blog, this one...

Perfect Ten: MMOs that earned a notorious reputation

Nobody wants a bad reputation. I mean, you can't make everyone everywhere approve of you, but you also don't have to go out of...

Lost Ark debuts new video series, talks upcoming Thaemine hard mode and clear race

Amazon is clearly taking a new tack with comms on its MMORPGs, as New World's new video series Eye on Aeternum has now been...

LOTRO Legendarium: Middle-earth’s world integrity is an endangered species in MMOs

Back in 2018, Steven Spielberg adapted the popular novel Ready Player One into a film. It seemed like a great pairing: The master director...

MMO Business Roundup: The Gearbox sale, GDC 2024, and layoffs for SEGA and Smilegate

Welcome back to another quick roundup of some MMO and MMO-adjacent industry news! Embracer - The ailing games giant announced this morning that the rumored...