lost ark

Official Site: Lost Ark (Korean)
Studio: Smilegate
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Fantasy MMOARPG
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

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Put this in a thing to store it.

Lost Ark updates with more storage while outlining future content plans

The update train for Lost Ark keeps rolling on in the game's beta. The most recent patch (which has translated notes here, if...
Leaving port.

Lost Ark announces the upcoming new continent of Rohendel in a new update

We may not be playing Lost Ark in North America just yet, but the game is still humming along with updates during its...

Smilegate taps Mail.Ru to run Korean MMORPG Lost Ark in Russia as early access package sale goes live

Smilegate is continuing its global rollout of Lost Ark, now with the selection of a publisher for Russia and the CIS region,

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Well, that's something.

Lost Ark is rumored to start Chinese beta testing soon

The mess that has been the Chinese game industry shutdown is affecting every corner of the world, but it's not really a shock that...

Betawatch: Torchlight Frontiers’ stress test, Lost Ark’s wild popularity

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Found you!

Lost Ark addresses player questions on open beta connectivity issues

After what seems to be forever, Lost Ark is in testing right now in South Korea. Or launch, depending on how you look...

Smilegate MMORPG Lost Ark finally, finally starts Korean beta testing

You know that we've been anticipating, slavering, and hoping for Lost Ark for so long that when the Korean beta kicks off,...
Sure. Okay. Great. Super.

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Put this in a thing to store it.

Lost Ark is still on track for a November 7 South Korean open beta; here’s the epic trailer

If it seems like we've had our eye on Lost Ark forever, that's because it's been at least half of that. It was...
Leaving port.

MMOARPG Lost Ark will finally launch in South Korea on November 7

Lost Ark is finally hitting open beta, MMO Culture reports. Smilegate's media conference this morning revealed that its soft launch open beta will...

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Daunt, daunt, daunt.

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Lost Ark enters ‘final’ closed beta in South Korea with new class trailers

Hey, remember back in 2014 when Smilegate first announced MMOARPG Lost Ark? It's been a long time. As I've written before, I was positively...
So much cooler.

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Radical lows.

Betawatch: Radical Heights springs out to predictable lows (April 13, 2018)

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