lost ark

Official Site: Lost Ark (Korean)
Studio: Smilegate
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Fantasy MMOARPG
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

Massively Overthinking: The impact of jump start servers in MMOs

With Chris' Choose My Adventure run on Lost Ark - specifically, on its jump-start servers - coming to a close, I thought it would...

Choose My Adventure: Wrestling with disappointment, boredom, and comfort in Lost Ark’s jump start server

It was probably asking a lot of myself to cut through Lost Ark as quickly as possible so that I could get to the...

Lost Ark hands out free gifts, accelerates jump start server timeline

The new jump start servers are the talk of Lost Ark's town this month, as new and returning players can experience an accelerated leveling...

Lost Ark’s Mokoko Kindergarten ark pass launches tomorrow

Now don't take this the wrong way, but Lost Ark is going to send you back to school. It's going to school you. It...

Choose My Adventure: Exploring Lost Ark’s jump start server and a regular XP-boosted character

Last week was a close vote here in Choose My Adventure World Land slash Waffle House. The vote came down to one person casting...

Lost Ark’s jump-start servers arrive tomorrow with the Jump to the Endgame patch

Are you over last month's massive Lost Ark outage that kept the servers offline for a whole day following the EU region merge? With...

Choose My Adventure: Slayer time with slightly boosted XP in Lost Ark

So I kind of made a mistake in my comeback to Lost Ark. I apparently did have at least one Powerpass to burn up,...

Lost Ark’s jump start servers open up on September 13 – here are the details

Fans and followers of Lost Ark already knew that jump start servers were headed to the MMOARPG in September, but now Amazon Games has...

Choose My Adventure: Trialing and testing in Trixion before returning to Lost Ark

I'm going to preface my return to Choose My Adventure by noting that I've had a very busy few days. It's been a good...

Lost Ark issues a compensation package for its extended EU server merge maintenance

European fans of Lost Ark were effectively locked out from playing the MMOARPG earlier this week, when Amazon Games' big EU server merge ended...

New World’s Rise of the Angry Earth expansion is about land on the PTS

If our deep-dive into New World's Rise of the Angry Earth expansion already has you pulling out your wallet and anticipating the launch, maybe...

Lost Ark interview: Amazon talks jump-start servers, battle royale, dodging power creep, and more

Lost Ark has had a whirlwind August, first with the release of a major roadmap for the game, then with the launch of the...

Lost Ark’s big European region merge is underway – and taking even longer than expected

As promised, Lost Ark has begun a major round of region merging as of this morning. While the North American servers are back up already,...
The eternal.

Massively Overthinking: What makes you embarrassed to be an MMORPG player?

A week or two ago, the MOP writers were chatting about people flipping tables over River Hobbits in Lord of the Rings Online (sigh)...
Later, losers.

Lost Ark details the merging of Europe West region into Europe Central

How many regions of Europe is too many? Lost Ark has decided it has one too many, as it is merging the Europe West...

The Daily Grind: Are you playing Guild Wars 2 SOTO today – or another big launch?

August is always a super overwhelming month for me, in MMOs and out. I'm always trying to finish up projects in real life before...

Lost Ark compensates players for long downtime from the Wield the Storm update

The fact that Lost Ark was going to be offline for the bulk of yesterday was not a surprise; Amazon told players the game...

Lost Ark’s Aeromancer and August update finally arrive tomorrow after 15 hours of downtime

Lost Ark players are a day away from the August update and its promise that you can "wield the storm" - that is, you...

Lost Ark’s August-December roadmap heralds new continents, jump-start servers, and more

Yesterday, when Amazon finally put a date on the release of Lost Ark's Aeromancer, it also teased more information en route. That info is...

Lost Ark’s Aeromancer finally launches with the next update on August 16

MMO gamers have been waiting - not particularly patiently - for the Aeromancer to finally launch in the global version of Lost Ark, and...