Lost Ark’s May update, Chaos Rising, is live today with the Hanumatan trial guardian raid


If you feel chaos rising today, don’t worry – it’s just Lost Ark’s May update. Chaos Rising is lighter on content, owing to the fact that players are still working through Thaemine, but there’s still plenty on offer, including the post-Thaemine storyline, the Hanumatan trial guardian raid, and the Cruel Toy Castle Adventure Island, which turns out to be a real thing and not a euphemism for my kid’s room. We also spy six new stories in the Music Box of Memories. The raid against Hanumatan, however, is definitely the centerpiece.

“500 years ago, Guardian Hanumatan crushed enemies in battle for the side of Light. When the war ended, Hanumatan went into a deep slumber. He awoke only after sensing chaotic energies possessing Arkesia, and concluded that the humans were the threats to the Arkesia. Hanumatan needs be stopped before his wrath destroys Arkesia, and with this new Trial Guardian Raid, now is your time to do so with speed and precision. The Trial Guardian Raid Hanumatan will start on Saturday, May 25, at 7 p.m. UTC (12 p.m. PST) for heroes that want to test their skills and speed against a powered-up version of the Guardian. We wish luck to adventurers who wish to compete in the Trial Guardian first clear race.”

Players can also look forward to the Kurzan prelude event dubbed Chaos Assault and the Ivory Tower speed-gearing event. Servers went down at 5 a.m. EDT this morning and were expected back up at 10 a.m. – just as this article is going live.

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