Palia is prepping an economy patch to smooth out gold generation and skills


With two major rounds of layoffs and a severely shrunken team – not to mention the fiasco with its beta statusPalia has entered the tier of multiplayer game that I worry about on a daily basis. But at least for now, the cozy mini-MMO continues onward, and in fact, it’s preparing another patch, this one focused on the economy.

“Something we value a lot for Palia is allowing players to play how you want to play,” Singularity 6 says. “We also want Palians to feel that your time spent in the game is properly rewarded, no matter what activity you engage in. It’s something we think we missed the mark with initially, and have spent a lot of time evaluating changes that can be seen as positive improvements across the board. A lot of our changes will be focused on improving several areas when it comes to gold earned, and also gold spent. Overall, we’ve tuned things so that most players should be earning more gold, paired with many items having recipe requirements and gold costs reduced.”

That’s going to translate into a reduction in gold from mining in exchange for a boost to gold from other skills like foraging, insect catching, hunting, and fishing to put “all skills […] on a more comparable and even playing field.” The team also aims to inject more gold into quest progression and treasure chests, boost gold and renown limits, revise “over half” of workbench recipes (generally to reduce their requirements), add high-end drops to trees, reduce gardening plot prices, and reduce craft timers for structures.

On the fun and fluffy side, there’s a new pet type, new tool skins, new building blocks, a new house, and the return of a minigame as a permanent fixture. What’s not included? A hard date for the release.

Source: Official site. Cheers, Dualius.
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