Working As Intended: The hits and misses of our 2023 MMO predictions

We've been offering up an MMO predictions list for Massively Overthinking for years upon years now as our writers and readers prognosticate on the...

Palia’s Winterlights festival – the first part of it, anyway – is live alongside new Asia-Pacific servers

As promised, yesterday's Palia update launched Christmas for players in the cozy sandbox pseudo-MMO. "You are just in time for the special Winterlights celebration taking...

Palia teases its winter festival rollout and puzzle-oriented Temple of the Gales

You had to know a cozy co-op game like Palia would be decking the halls with some winter festivities, and that's exactly what this...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 447: MMO hackers, headstarts, and proliferations

Justin and Bree discuss the hackings of Ethyrial and Fractured, Palia's beta update, City of Titan's test launch, World of Warcraft's paid expansion headstart, and Guild Wars 2's weapon proliferation beta, with adventures in Project Gorgon, LOTRO, Fallout 76, and WoW.

Palia’s latest beta update adds a new character storyline, fresh decor, and a quirky critter

Happy patch day for Palia! It looks as if you'll be joined by a new character for Thanksgiving: Her name is Subira. "This patch...

Palia’s present patch provides popular personalization and plot perks

Is it time to come back to Palia and give it another try? If your hang-up was a lack of character customization options, this...

Palia confirms starstones, housing limit increases, and rummage piles for its November 7 patch

The patch notes for the next update to the cozy multiplayer RPG Palia aren't online yet, but Singularity Six is definitely getting players prepared...

Cozy sandbox My Time at Sandrock has launched – with online co-op multiplayer

If you're a fan of cozy survival sandboxes of the Stardew Valley variety but prefer the graphics of Palia, you're in luck, as this...

Palia shares more starstone information and confirms plans to increase housing and decor

Palia players may be enjoying playing on EU servers, staring at pumpkins, or mourning the absolute walloping cooking got from the nerf bat, but...

Palia has launched European servers, and yes, you still play cross-region

Open beta social sandbox MMO Palia officially takes up residence on the Epic Games Store today, but there's bigger news for playability is the...

Palia lands on the Epic Games Store next week alongside new European servers

Palia is expanding its playerbase, or hoping to at least: Singularity 6 announced this morning that it's rolling out to the Epic Games Store...

Global Chat: What do I need to know about New World’s new expansion?

Rise of the Angry Earth is making some big waves for New World this month, and it stands to reason that many people are flocking back to...

Palia’s latest beta patch offers pumpkins, romance, and a challenging obstacle course

You didn't think a cozy MMO like Palia was doing to let the Halloween season slip by without mention, did you? No sir, and...

Palia’s latest open beta patch scorches cooking (and cake parties) with big nerfs

It was a bit delayed this week, but Palia's 0.169 patch did indeed roll out last night, bringing with it a theme of change...

Palia plans more magical trees, an obstacle course, and quality-of-life features

While Palia has already cranked out a couple of content updates in the form of the Maji Market event and the Temple of Flames,...

One Shots: Just a minute, Mom, I’m playing with my virtual dollhouse!

If playing with physical dollhouses is your entry-level and full-on interior decorating your advanced mode, then video games offer a middle ground to those...
It's a real laugh.

Betawatch: Kingdoms of Elyria is no longer launching this year, quelle surprise

In what will surely shock anyone with the memory of a mayfly that has suffered severe head trauma and has gotten blackout drunk, Kingdoms...

Palia’s open beta releases new Temple of the Flames content, skins, recipes, and crops

Palia's patch 0.168 may have an unassuming number designation, but there are some blazing sparks in the cozy MMO's latest open beta release, and...

The MOP Up: Palia releases its super-chill soundtrack

Feast your ear-tongues on these sound-pops: Palia's completely chill score is now available as a full 24-track album that you can listen to on...

Palia details the creation of the Maji Market as the event buffs Chapaa Chase and nerfs fireworks

Are you enjoying the Maji Market event in Palia? Are you curious about how Singularity Six put the whole thing together? Then you're just...