Palia’s Crafted Comforts update is live for beta players today with building and economy QOL


If you were watching Discord or social media, you already knew it was coming, but Palia’s spring Crafted Comforts patch has officially rolled out to players as of this afternoon. Patch notes are up now too.

“Starting today, Palians can unlock the all-new Building Blocks system, which allows players to get even more innovative with their housing plots, and access the new Grand Harvest House, featuring an indoor spiral staircase and even a front porch,” Singularity 6 says. “Additionally, Palians can now beautify their yards and design unique pathways around their homes with the all-new Pavers decor. The update also improves Palia’s economy features, to make the value of engaging in each of the gathering skills more equitable for new players. Additionally, fun new decorative items like adorable insect plushies can be collected in Bahari Bay, and players can now find books to fill their personal libraries with stories.”

“On top of the new housing and decor updates, patch .180 adds exciting new ways to connect with villagers and friends. Now, players can attain Level 5 Friendship with beloved villagers including Jina, Hekla, and Einar, enabling them to earn exclusive decor rewards after completing each friendship questline. Additionally, Palians can come together to play the fan-favorite Hotpot mini game and earn gold, which is now a permanent fixture in the Underground Black Market. Players will also find new ways to express themselves with the new chat bubble feature, to converse with friends and deepen friendships.”

Readers will surely recall that Palia has appeared to struggle the last few months owing to multiple rounds of layoffs and the ongoing obfuscation of its beta status (which players haven’t let the studio forget). It could certainly use a win with this patch.

Source: Patch notes, press release
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