Genshin Impact brings new challenge content and characters June 5, previews Natlan region


There’s a new calendar date for Genshin Impact fans to write down: Wednesday, June 5th. That’s when the shared world RPG’s latest content update, An Everlasting Dream Intertwined, will release with more things to do and more characters to do those things with.

One of the centerpieces for Version 4.7 is the opening of the Imaginarium Theater on July 1st, which is described as a new form of challenge content that resets monthly similar to the existing Spiral Abyss. This new delve will grant combat challenges of various difficulty levels, then further introduces the wrinkles of allowing only characters of designated elements to enter and limiting the number of times they can fight. As progress is made, players will receive a variety of buffs and debuffs, and will be able to gradually assemble and adjust their team builds from the characters they own.

Of course, there are plenty of rewards on offer for those who take on these challenges, including up to 620 primogems a month, new photo poses for certain characters, and powerful buffs for certain characters that carry over into the game’s open world. Subsequently, the Spiral Abyss will see its monthly resets occur on the 16th day of each month and ramp up primgem rewards for clearing floors nine through 12.

Another part of the update is the addition of three new characters: the five-star Electro sword wielder Clorinde, the healer character Sigewinne, and the four-star Electro archer Sethos. The update will also add on some more story content that brings the traveling twins back together, add a new tower defense minigame, and raise the original resin cap from 160 to 200.

Finally, Hoyoverse granted fans a first look at the game’s next region known as Natlan, which is scheduled to arrive at some point later in the year. Described as a region where humans and beasts known as Saurians live together, the minute-long video clip shows how Saurian creatures traverse the land, sea, and sky, all of which seems to suggest that there will be some monster buddy shenanigans afoot when the zone opens up. That video and a teaser trailer for Version 4.7 await below.

source: press release
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