Genshin Impact brings more story, two more characters, and more of the Fontaine map November 8

How do you stop a flood of water that's capable of dissolving an entire city and all of the people living there? That's the...

Genshin Impact’s latest update features a very limited function to better avoid occupied quests

Last week brought Genshin Impact fans a plethora of things to do in its Version 4.1 update, but an unannounced quality-of-life feature is making...
I don't speak mandarin.

Genshin Impact’s third anniversary event will be like the previous anniversary events players didn’t like

Apparently, the leadership at miHoYo looked at the anniversary of Overwatch 2 being disappointing, heard someone say, "Nobody can do worse than that," and...

Genshin Impact previews the new story, characters, and events of Version 4.1

Genshin Impact has just wrapped up a nearly two hour-long preview broadcast, and as one might expect from a video of that length, there...

Genshin Impact recounts the RPG’s early dev challenges as it previews Version 4.0’s new characters

With Genshin Impact being the massive success that it is, it's hard to imagine that developer Hoyoverse would be anything but full of confidence...

Genshin Impact releases a new nation, new characters, and underwater exploration August 16

There's a whole lot of water-based stuff headed to Genshin Impact on Wednesday, August 16th. That's when the single-player/multiplayer RPG will introduce Version 4.0...

Genshin Impact voice actors claim that they haven’t been paid for months [Updated]

If you play Genshin Impact, you're likely familiar with the character of Paimon; she's literally the first person who greets you when the game...

Genshin Impact brings a summertime location in its July 5 update, previews a new nation arriving later this year

Are you looking into the distant horizon of the Genshin Impact world and dreaming of a new nation to explore? Then your wish is...

Genshin Impact announces in-person Summer Festival events launching across the globe in July

Summertime is often the time for conventions, and while most are probably planning on checking out things like anime conventions, Genshin Impact is inviting...

Genshin Impact plans esports invitational centered around the Genius Invokation TCG

Genshin Impact and esports isn't exactly a pairing one would consider from the outside looking in, particularly since the title's primary gameplay loop is...

Genshin Impact’s in-game TCG is getting an in-game tournament, more modes, and more cards May 24

The Genius Invokation trading card game-within-a-game of Genshin Impact is going to see a whole bunch of updates on Wednesday, May 24th. That's when...

Unity slashes 600 jobs in its latest round of layoffs

It's not been the best year to work at Unity, as the tech company has gone through multiple rounds of layoffs and office closures....

Genshin Impact’s latest update replaces Tighnari’s English voice actor after sexual allegation scandal

The latest patch available for Genshin Impact features a lot of things in its notes, but fans might also see an important piece of...

The Daily Grind: How do you handle online gacha games?

With titles like Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy making inroads with the online RPG genre, it's probably best that we had a discussion...

Genshin Impact opens a new area, adds two new characters, and launches a new event April 12

There's more goodies coming to players of Genshin Impact on Wednesday, April 12th. That's when update 3.6, A Paradise of Providence, will open up...

The MOP Up: Wolcen comes to consoles

Action RPG Wolcen is expanding its realms this week as it jumps to consoles on March 15th. Maybe it's time to check out this...

One Shots: Apparent trap

Against all odds, Scott found a doppelganger inside a fantasy world. And if movies have taught me anything, what follows will either be a...
I find the way.

Interview: The Wayfinder team on group size, customization, monetization, and more

Perhaps you're interested in Wayfinder because you like the idea of a small-group dungeon-running game published by Digital Extremes. (The studio made another game...

Vague Patch Notes: Why I’m anticipating Blue Protocol

My anticipation for Blue Protocol is something that I cannot adequately explain because at the end of the day it's more based around a...

Genshin Impact brings back a spring festival and adds two new characters to the roster March 1

Before you know it, spring will be in bloom in our portion of the globe, but players of Genshin Impact will know that the...