Genshin Impact brings more story, two more characters, and more of the Fontaine map November 8

How do you stop a flood of water that’s capable of dissolving an entire city and all of the people living there? That’s the question that players of Genshin Impact are apparently going to answer when Version 4.2: Masquerade of the Guilty arrives to the multiplayer RPG on Wednesday, November 8th.

“Fontaine is on the brink of destruction in the upcoming Archon Quest. The nation needs all hands on deck, even the Fatui Harbinger, Arlecchino, as the Primordial Seawater which can dissolve all Fontainians comes dangerously close to submerging the nation.”

On top of the new story beats being added in this new quest, players can look forward to additional underwater areas opening up, where bosses like an angry narwhal, an entity known only as The Foul, and a Hydro Tulpa await. The land to the east is also being expanded, which will introduce Erinnyes Forest and the Morte Region to explore.

Naturally there will be new characters for players to roll the dice for in the form of the five-star Hydro sword user Archon Furina and the four-star Cryo catalyst wielder Charlotte. Both of these characters will be part of the update’s first set of banners along with a rerun of Baizhu, while the second gacha banners bring back chances to snag Cyno and Kamisato Ayato.

Finally, there are other features on deck like more questing in the Tower of Ipsissimus and several events involving taking photos, fixing a clockwork penguin, and a Fungi training event. Prepare yourselves for some very spicy water arriving soon with the trailer waiting below.

source: press release
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