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The MOP Up: Wolcen comes to consoles

Action RPG Wolcen is expanding its realms this week as it jumps to consoles on March 15th. Maybe it's time to check out this...

One Shots: Apparent trap

Against all odds, Scott found a doppelganger inside a fantasy world. And if movies have taught me anything, what follows will either be a...
I find the way.

Interview: The Wayfinder team on group size, customization, monetization, and more

Perhaps you're interested in Wayfinder because you like the idea of a small-group dungeon-running game published by Digital Extremes. (The studio made another game...

Vague Patch Notes: Why I’m anticipating Blue Protocol

My anticipation for Blue Protocol is something that I cannot adequately explain because at the end of the day it's more based around a...

Genshin Impact brings back a spring festival and adds two new characters to the roster March 1

Before you know it, spring will be in bloom in our portion of the globe, but players of Genshin Impact will know that the...

Genshin Impact fires voice actor over allegations of grooming, harassment, and abuse

One of the English voice actors for Genshin Impact has lost his job as a result of some serious allegations leveraged against him. Elliot...

Developers of upcoming PC and mobile online RPG Project D detail planned gameplay features

One of the games we touched on in a recent MOP Up post was Project D, an in-development multiplayer online RPG from developer Hound...

Genshin Impact’s Exquisite Night Chimes update arrives next week

In the midst of the darkest days of winter, Genshin Impact is bringing a burst of content sunshine with a huge content update next...

The Game Awards 2022: Blue Protocol, Diablo IV, Wayfinder, Nightingale, Dune Awakening

We've updated with all the big news and trailers now - scroll down to the end for the announcements! Original post follows. Gamers who aren't...

Genshin Impact version 3.3 brings new characters, new items, and a new trading card game

All Senses Clear, All Existence Void. It's not just a general mindset for our modern times; it's the name of the next update coming...

MMOs and MMORPGs fill several voting categories at this year’s Game Awards

While many of the categories that fans can vote on in this year's Game Awards certainly skew towards some of the heavy-hitting single-player titles...

Genshin Impact warms up two new characters for November’s content update

Just a month after its huge 3.1 update and first anniversary, Genshin Impact is delivering yet another hefty update for its adoring fans. On...

Vague Patch Notes: Why are mobile MMOs Like That?

If you have read my writing a bunch over the years, you have probably observed me mentioning how much I like Final Fantasy Tactics...

Genshin Impact developer confirms it’s not focusing on making new endgame content

You've hit the highest adventure rank possible in Genshin Impact. Now what? Well, you head to the Spiral Abyss for artifacts, materials, and currencies......

Genshin Impact marks its second year of operation with an hour-long concert

We're already very familiar that Genshin Impact has an outstanding soundtrack (after I shook Justin enough times about it), and fans of the multiplayer...

Genshin Impact opens new Sumeru regions, adds three new characters, and launches events with version 3.1

Genshin Impact is nowhere near done playing in the desert. The multiplayer RPG's latest version update is live, bringing more regions of Sumeru to...

Genshin Impact has ‘long-term project’ plans for an anime adaptation

Genshin Impact is already an anime you can play with its visual style, story beats, and trope-y collection of husbandos and waifus among its...

One Shots: A line-up of champions

You know that you've finally made it as a bona fide hero when you are asked to line up in a dramatic group pose....

Vague Patch Notes: The MMORPG industry shockwaves that still reverberate

A thought occurred to me the other day regarding World of Warcraft and the way that it deformed the MMO industry: People who are...
Ah, stereotypes.

Genshin Impact’s 3.0 update is live now and has one final trailer

The good news if you're a Genshin Impact fan is that the game's sizable 3.0 update is already live for the game now. The...