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Vague Patch Notes: The MMO term ‘pay-to-win’ is a red herring

It probably hasn't escaped anyone who has been reading my writing over the past several years that I have something of a vendetta against...

Genshin Impact’s next playable character is leaked as the Fleeting Colors in Flight update goes live

If learning about one of the next playable characters in Genshin Impact enters spoiler territory for you, then you'll probably want to stop reading...

Genshin Impact celebrates the real-life Alps with a web event and promotions at an Alpine ski resort

Is it weird to celebrate a mountain? Genshin Impact developer miHoYo didn't bother to stop and ask itself that question and instead is commemorating...

Genshin Impact prepares its next version update for January 5

It's almost time for the next major update for Genshin Impact, but you're going to have to wait a little longer. Specifically, you're going...

Genshin Impact fan creates a limited set of fully functional condoms

Whether you want one as a collectible or you want one for actual use, you can soon get yourself a Genshin Impact condom thanks...

Massively Overthinking: The best MMO music of 2021

We've decided to pull back our MMO music awards this year and make the decision a little less formal, partly because of how hard...

Genshin Impact adds new events, reruns Albedo and Eula gatchas, and summons the Golden Wolflord on November 24

Snow. It's cold and wet and it gets everywhere, and it's going to be everywhere players of Genshin Impact venture in one of the...

Genshin Impact introduces the Perilous Labyrinth of Fog in Update 2.2, aborts weird Elon Musk stunt

Yesterday saw Genshin Impact get its newest update, which apparently tasks players with going Into the Perilous Labyrinth of Fog aka Tsurumi Island, the...

Genshin Impact’s next update brings Inazuma’s last area on October 13

Let's get that second part of the story out of the way: Yes, Razer and Genshin Impact have entered into a partnership to let...

The MOP Up: Ashes of Creation won’t date Alpha 2 testing – at least, not yet

Ashes of Creation has yet another chunky batch of question-absent answers to the community that it posted on the forums. Intrepid said that it...

The MOP Up: Genshin Impact puts on a global concert

There's no doubt among fans that Genshin Impact has an amazing soundtrack, so there should be a whole lot of people happy to hear...

Genshin Impact is bringing the city of Inazuma and its surrounding region on July 21

The world of Genshin Impact plans to have seven major cities but currently only two of them are accessible right now -- Monstadt and...

Genshin Impact offers trailer previews of the game’s latest roster addition

Did you think you were done with character collecting in Genshin Impact? Well, no, you probably didn't because adding more party members to the...

Battle Bards Episode 195: In the mountains

Attempting to summit the very best of MMO music, the Battle Bards head up, up, up into the mountains with this episode! What musical...

Genshin Impact adds a new island area and hits the Epic Games Store on June 9

This coming Sunday, June 9th, will see players of Genshin Impact hit the waves to take on a threat to Klee's stuffed animal charm....

First impressions: Even in beta, New Genesis is the quantum leap forward the aging Phantasy Star Online 2 needed

Now this… this is more like it. When I was last spending time with Phantasy Star Online 2, I found it to be a fun...

Genshin Impact talks up its upcoming PlayStation 5 release in dev video

As we noted last week, there's an update coming to the multiplayer RPG Genshin Impact on April 28th that is adding a variety of...

Genshin Impact arrives to PS5, adds player housing, and brings new quests in April 28 update

Next week's update is bringing quite a bit to Genshin Impact players. On Wednesday, April 28th, the multiplayer RPG will introduce the usual goodies...

Battle Bards Episode 190: Genshin Impact

It was the FOMO title of last fall, and now Genshin Impact is in your ears! On this episode of the Battle Bards, Syp,...

Genshin Impact announces plans to launch on PlayStation 5 ‘soon’

Genshin Impact is an open world RPG. As in there's no loading from one area to another (for the most part). That kind of...