Genshin Impact’s April 24 update adds a new area, new events, and a new frenemy


Normally when Genshin Impact introduces a new character to its big giant gacha machine (which incidentally has helped developer Hoyoverse to be valued at $23B), it’s someone who wants to help players out, not actively kill them. That’s not going to be the case for the upcoming character that headlines update 4.6, who will act as both a playable party member and a raid boss for the patch.

Say hello to Arlecchino, a five-star Pyro polearm combatant whose whole deal is engaging a bond of life effect on foes. When this effect procs, Arlecchino gains more attack power and irresistible Pyro damage so long as the bond of life bar is equal to or greater than a percentage of her own health. This effect is also in play when fighting against her as a weekly raid boss, which will cause affected characters to take more damage and prevent them from being healed.

The forthcoming update will also add a new underwater region for players to explore known as the ruins of Remuria. Players will have to learn a “symphony” in order to reactivate certain mechanics and long-dormant devices, while the area also promises a meeting with “a certain special dragon” and a boss fight of its own against the Legatus Golem.

Finally, update 4.6 will be kicking off several events that involve helping Itto prepare for the “Iridescent Arataki Rockin’ for Life Tour de Force of Awesomeness” (yes that’s its real name), engaging in combat instances, and regrowing a silver tree for goodies. A teaser video for the update awaits below, along with a very brief demonstration of Arlecchino in combat.

sources: press release, Kotaku
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