Genshin Impact’s latest update features a very limited function to better avoid occupied quests


Last week brought Genshin Impact fans a plethora of things to do in its Version 4.1 update, but an unannounced quality-of-life feature is making a lot of players extremely happy: the introduction of a new UI pop-up that warns about quest progress that would cause other quests to be “occupied” – aka unable to be completed.

Before this patch, progress on certain quests would be unavailable because certain characters would be occupied in another quest, but now Version 4.1 quests that cause conflicts will trigger this UI warning. The post highlighting this feature also points out that choosing to continue or pause a quest cannot be undone, so players are advised to “consider carefully.” Furthermore, this feature only works some new quests in Version 4.1, with no current plans to make the feature retroactive.

The post otherwise helps players out with finding certain locations, quests, and other important things in the new update, but most players appear to be excited by still limited but rather handy function.

source: official site and Reddit via Polygon
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