Genshin Impact previews the new story, characters, and events of Version 4.1


Genshin Impact has just wrapped up a nearly two hour-long preview broadcast, and as one might expect from a video of that length, there was a whole lot of things for the multiplayer RPG to show off, most of which was focused on the game’s upcoming Version 4.1: To the Stars Shining in the Depths.

The video first opened with a story-focused trailer and a follow-up discussion about the current situation in the game’s main story, which involves a Fatui Harbinger being locked away in a prison known as the Fortress of Meropide. The devs also provided more information on the two characters that will be central to 4.1’s story, the fortress’ lord Wriothesley and the ludex of Fontaine Neuvillette, including combat skills and playstyle details.

The presentation also offered a look at several new weapons, an art direction-focused peek at the update’s new areas, and information about upcoming events and character banners, while the latter half of the video celebrates GI’s three years of operation with fun data, messages from the English voice cast, and information about an upcoming concert and album release.

sources: YouTube, Twitter (1, 2)
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