Nightingale’s Sun Giants are gentle explorers until you mess with them



Gaslamp steampunk survivalbox Nightingale’s latest delay is kind of a bummer, but it looks as if Inflexion Games is preparing to use the time for promotion as well as development. The Tencent-owned studio has made heavy use of YouTube’s “shorts” feature to highlight everything from the setting and houses to the new third-person mode; the most recent, however, homes in on the Sun Giants, and whether they’re friends or foes depends on your attitude.

“When traversing desert realms in our game, Nightingale, you may encounter Sun Giants,” the studio says. “They are mostly peaceful and curious beings wandering the deserts in search of things they can gather. You can choose to offer them items. Some they make like… and others they may not.” In other words, offer them your leftover trash, and they’ll squish you like a bug unless you’re prepared for a massive fight. Something tells me this dude with a hammer and a backpack isn’t gonna make it.

Source: YouTube
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