Gamescom 2023: Nightingale has been delayed to February 2024, new trailer ahoy


So we’ve got good news and bad news for Nightingale. The good news is that it’s still launching! The bad news is that it’s not launching until next year.

At Gamescom this afternoon, Tencent’s Inflexion Games announced that the survival sandbox’s launch is now set for February 22nd of next year on both Steam and EGS. Readers will recall that the game was originally meant to hit early access fall of 2022, but then it was delayed to early 2023, then to fall 2023, which has seemed increasingly unlikely as the team hedged over the summer. Now it’s February 2024, but it sounds pretty firm now.

“That date is a few months later than we previously announced,” Inflexion CEO Aaryn Flynn admitted. “But as a studio, we’re committed to quality, and we take player satisfaction very seriously. We want to ensure that the game delivers on the expectations of our community, who have played a vital role in the development to date. We strive to ensure that Nightingale not only fulfills our vision but also becomes a cherished place for our players to explore and discover with their friends for many years to come.”

“The debut title from Inflexion Games, Nightingale casts players in the role of an intrepid Realmwalker, venturing through arcane portals to forge their own story of survival and discovery across a procedurally-generated Victorian gaslamp fantasy universe. Combining deep survival-crafting gameplay with intricate world-building and stunning visuals, Nightingale pushes the boundaries of survival-crafting gameplay with quests, an evolving narrative, and an emphasis on player autonomy. […] Nightingale’s Early Access will mark the beginning of a shared journey towards full release. Continuing to work directly with the community, Inflexion Games will regularly iterate and improve the game, adding new content along the way. Early Access gives players a chance to participate in development and it gives the team a unique opportunity to explore new ideas with a live community.”

The new Gamescom trailer is tucked below.

Source: Press release
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