Nightingale has seen another early access delay – it’s now set for fall 2023


People said we were mean to doubt Nightingale’s early access release in the first half of this year, but the game has already seen one major delay (last fall) – and now, on cue, it’s getting another one.

“After many discussions with our team, we’ve come to the decision to move our early access launch date to the fall of this year, which is spring if you’re in the southern hemisphere,” Inflexion’s CEO, Aaryn Flynn, says in a new video this week. “The reason for the release date shift is simple: The playtest process is working. The feedback we were receiving from players has been invaluable, and the extra time will allow us to continue the progress we’ve been making while not jeopardizing the health of our team.”

“There are a number of things we want to do with this extra time, from quality-of-life improvements (like crafting bench animations) to tuning progression and pacing to continuing to work to make the realms feel as mystical and amazing as they can be. That said, this will still be an early access launch, so we want to keep the process of feedback and iteration between us and our community going even as we’re live.”

Flynn also says the studio will upgrade the game to UE5.2 in the interim and boost the pool of testers for the next playtest, which will still be under a streaming blockade.

Source: YouTube
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