WoW Factor: The World of Warcraft leveling experiences ranked, part one

Those are people who died, died.

Now that the pre-patch is here, you can level through any World of Warcraft expansion you’d like in the order your heart desires! But that, of course, brings the question of which one you should start with; you have eight options, after all.

Obviously, my first suggestion would be stuff that you haven’t leveled through before, since that’s going to be the most novel set of experiences. But if you don’t care about that or even just want a place to start, you’re in luck. I’ve leveled through all of them, sometimes to my great displeasure, and so I can not-at-all-scientifically rank these expansions as leveling experiences from worst to best. Some of them might surprise you! Others… definitely won’t, especially when we start with the bottom. Either way, this is not specifically about the fastest or most efficient leveling experiences, just the most fun ones.

I'm a jerk!

8: Cataclysm

Oh, don’t act surprised, you knew this was going to be here. And you knew it because however much parts of Cataclysm might have gotten re-evaluated over the years, the expansion’s zones are still largely seen as just plain bad. This is due to the fact that they are bad.

Seriously, the closest thing I would say Cataclysm had to a good zone is Twilight Highlands, and even that’s a close thing. Uldum and Vashj’ir are both bad. Hyjal and Deepholm are bad, too, but not quite so egregiously bad. Gilneas is a fun zone, but it stops being relevant after the first few levels. It’s all just a set of disappointments, if we’re being honest.

This isn’t to say that there’s nothing good within the expansion, however; I want to stress that. While it is bad, it does have some interesting moments, and it features at least one zone type that the game has never tried before or since. If you don’t have these achievements, there is some interesting stuff to be found, some neat quests and quest moments along the way, even some honestly lovely dungeons along the way.

Unfortunately, these moments never come together to make for a fun overall experience. While there’s touches of fun to be found, you wind up falling right back into bad before too long, and it just gets tedious. It is, definitely, the worst of these experiences.

(For the record, I’m aware that Chromie Time sandwiches this together with the base-game-vanilla-ish stuff. I’m ranking them separately for good reason, so consider the fact that they are wedged together.)


7: Battle for Azeroth

Oh, don’t act surprised.

The reality is that in many ways, Battle for Azeroth has featured a lot of refinement to the leveling path, story presentation, and so forth. What sinks this one is that all of the technical acumen in the world can’t help you if your fundamental material is no good. Or, to paraphrase Dan Olson, the real problem here is that the script sucks. Everything else being good can’t salvage your production when you’re working off a bad premise.

Fortunately, BfA also has a number of other things that ensure it can’t even try to rise above its script problems. For one thing, both factions don’t get six zones but three, with a couple of jaunts back over to the other side. The leveling experience also stops well shy of any real conclusions not just for zones but for the story arcs as a whole. There’s also Drustvar, which is just plain bad, and the general numbness of all the Zandalar areas.

Looking back, I started that paragraph with the word “fortunately” for some reason.

It’s really strange that this one is going to be the de facto starter leveling experience for new players, considering how bad it is as a leveling experience. About all it has is being up to date with the game’s timeline. But that isn’t the same as it being remotely good.

If we are being altogether honest, you were probably prepared before.

6: The Burning Crusade

Wow, this one is down here? Yes. Yes it is. Fortunately (this is actually fortunate) we’ve left the “bad” stuff behind by now, so it turns out that The Burning Crusade is the first leveling experience wherein its main problem is just that it is… fine. It’s fine. Not great, not bad, just fine.

In other words, its biggest sin is the fact that this expansion came out a long darn time ago.

One of the main motivational features behind the revamp of the old world was the fact that the original version of Azeroth was, by the time of Cataclysm, considered to not be up to the acceptable state of questing throughout the rest of the game. This is understandable. From a technical standpoint, questing in Cataclysm was solid! Obviously it had some major issues despite that fact or it wouldn’t be two notches below this expansion, but the fact of the matter is that it was solidly put together and worked well.

While TBC was a massive leap forward from the questing in the old world, it’s hard to ignore the fact that it was a massive leap forward from content that has since been removed and replaced. By modern standards, this is the oldest questing content in the game… and it absolutely shows, top to bottom. Many elements that would later be handled better and more elegantly are here in larval form, but you can see the janky edges of things like bombing runs and cinematic quest moments.

It also suffers a bit from the fact that Outland predates expansions and/or zones being reliable about telling a single contiguous story, leaving you with something of a scattershot approach that never entirely meshes. With most of these leveling experiences, you do get a narrative to play through. Here, though, it’s… just a matter of “well, that was a bunch of stuff that happened.”

It's the final showdown.

5: Legion

All right, this time you might actually be surprised. But I would stress as a reminder that this isn’t about ranking the expansions as a whole, but the leveling experiences. And in that case, Legion is… a little weaker than you might otherwise expect!

The thing about Legion is that every zone is largely built around being still viable at the endgame. This was entirely the right choice for the expansion, and in fact it led to a great overall structure wherein players felt like each zone closed out with a major victory (such as beating up God-King Skoooooovald) but still had other problems for players to keep addressing. Unfortunately, it also means that the overall arc of the storyline is built around supporting a larger ongoing structure that… no longer exists. It’s the first two acts without ever getting into the third one.

It also suffers a bit more for the fact that, well, Legion is a pretty constrained expansion as a whole. There aren’t a whole lot of different choices. You can take on the zones in a variety of different orders, but most of the zones you will be taking on more or less in their entirety with no major dangling threads. Once you’ve leveled through it once, you’ve seen about 80% of the expansion.

It’s good! Better than TBC, even. But it’s not even in the top half of expansions to level through.

Of course, you can guess which four are in the top half by this point by process of elimination, but the fun excitement is seeing where they fall… which means we’re going to need to keep going next week. (Because I didn’t feel like making this column twice as long. It turns out I had things to say!)

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Definitely agree with TBC and Legion; these are anathema to me. I didn’t really even like TBC that much when it was new, but it’s grown on me over the years, especially as I’ve gotten more into the lore. Legion feels very one-note to me. It’s green, and it’s demons.


Personally from testing all the expansion in the ptr and even since it went live, I’d say I had the most fun with Legion, Pandaria, and WoD. WoD is definitely still the fastest, especially once you get flying unlocked pretty early on. Pandaria is just a blast if you really like the asian aesthetics or play a monk. Legion is carried hard by it’s order hall stories for every class. Worst is definitely a tie between cata and tbc with wotlk just barely better then them but still not great. I kind of figured none of them would do well especially since wotlk basically requires flying from the get go otherwise it’s just stupidly tedious to go back and forth.


I can’t imagine anything ranking lower than TBC. Love to run across a giant empty orange wasteland to turn in a quest, only getting another quest to run across the other end of the same wasteland again back to where I started.

TBC single-handedly stopped me from getting a character to 70 for years. It’s the most tedious, boring slog to quest through unless you were actively playing back when it was an improvement over the tedious boring slog of Classic, I guess? I wasn’t so there’s absolutely no shine there for me.

Like I get that people don’t like BFA but the story being bad, even coming from someone who cares about lore like I do, doesn’t eclipse TBC’s endless monotony.

Also Drustvar rules give me more spooky zones


Clearly I wasn’t paying attention somehow…what happened to the wow plan of 10-50 on whichever expansion you want (once you’ve done it once)?

I dropped in after the pre patch and it looks to me like zones are still level capped…ie pandaria to 30, I think?

Or is that coming later?


Thank you, I appreciate the explanation. You’re right, it seems bizarrely complicated.

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Stopped reading after “Drustvar … is just plain bad.”

Danny Smith

I was subbed for Classic so rolled up a rogue to give it a go and given the season went with wrath and was level 38 by the time i finished Borean Tundra, i forget theres like 7 quest hubs in that zone each with at least 4 quests and a fair amount of “kill 15 murlocs” stuff so that really fills out the xp bars fast.

Only thing is in terms of ‘experience the story’ its a iffy experience. You can go out from the alliance keep to reclaim the farm, help the tuskarr and fight some poachers and then get a letter saying its time to come to the argent tournament in Icecrown. I imagine as an experience the linearity of Pandaria or Warlords would probably feel a lot less like ‘solo out in the sticks doing busywork until you decide to head off to kul tiras’. I still like the wrath levelling for all its little reveals and story hooks but theres so much white noise inbetween that unless you like the setting, which personally i do, you aren’t going to get a very engaging experience out of being dumped in borean tundra.

Bruno Brito

To be fair, Borean is one of the worst questzones they ever done. Howling Fjord is better, waaaaay better.

Lucky Jinx

Bunch of bullcrap. It’s (just taking into consideration plain leveling experience, not lore or any of that)…

8. Cataclysm
7. The Burning Crusade
6. Wrath of the Lich King
5. Warlords of Draenor
4. Battle for Azeroth
3. Legion
2. Mists of Pandaria
1. Shadowlands (it’s all new and fresh, and still unknown, so there is that mystery factor)

Base zones are somewhere below everything else. There are some exceptions, and if you plan your route smart enough, the base game may actually beat Cataclysm, but it takes some deeper knowledge to plan that route.

You may disagree, and that’s fine, but you have to say that while leveling the smoothness of the process is a key factor, and it goes quite well as presented. I made this list based on 8 characters I have leveled from 1 to 120 without any boosts.


Bruno Brito

I made this list based on 8 characters I have leveled from 1 to 120 without any boosts.


This is the first time i’ve seen someone armchair specialist WoW leveling.


Vanilla for me was the best experience and still is. If I wasn’t jaded and burned out with the game, I’d be still playing Vanilla over any other version of WoW or over any other MMORPG.

Toy Clown

I agree with Cataclysm. That content was a slog to get through when I leveled a character through the first part of it recently. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

For myself, leveling a new character through Mists of Pandaria has been enjoyable. I have another two alts I’ve created to play later and this list is helpful. Thank you!


My feelings exactly on this worst of the worst list.

Looking forward to your best of the best list. :)