ArcheAge Unchained offers free trial as Reddit melts down over pay-to-win


So let’s just get this out of the way upfront: ArcheAge Unchained’s rollout a year ago did not go as well as Gamigo was hoping. It’s changed its business model twice now since the launch, not even counting the original ArchePass situation, doing so while admitting that Unchained stumbled and Gamigo needs it to unstumble. And that means getting more people into the game, which Gamigo is hoping to do with yet another free trial event that essentially unlocks three days of gameplay, at any point over the next month.

“Starting today, players can experience the world of gamigo’s Sandbox MMORPG ArcheAge: Unchained free of charge for three full days. This limited trial is available via gamigo’s own platform, Glyph, until November 16th. During this period, players can download the game and enjoy their three days of gameplay in which they’ll explore the exhilarating landscapes of Erenor, its scorching deserts, ancient forests, barren mountains and endless oceans. […] To participate in the trial period, players need simply to create an account via the ArcheAge: Unchained website and use the voucher code FALLTRIAL. The trial will be available for free on Glyph starting Friday 16th at 4 pm CEST. Upon registering, players can play the game for a full 72 hours. Players interested in continuing their adventure after the free trial can purchase the game on Glyph at any time, while retaining their progress and titles. The game is available on the Glyph store at the newly discounted price of 15,99 EUR/USD.”

As a bonus, the team has a bunch of giveaways lined up. In addition to the mystery codes Gamigo has posted to Twitter, the AAUGIVEAWAYS code will give Unchained players a 20% discount on base packs, a seven-day Emberpaw Mount, and an additional 72-hour free trial. Just note that this particular voucher works only through October 30th, 2020.

The free trial comes just a day after the launch of the game’s new Chronicle update, which offers a new lore-centric questline, vehicle customization, and new old bosses. It also comes just a day after a controversial update to Unchained’s ArchePass that has been roundly criticized for being excessively pay-to-win when Unchained itself was advertised and sold as being anti-pay-to-win and former ambassadors denounce it.

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