ArcheAge plans Chronicle patch as players boggle over Unchained’s proposed new ArchePass

Gamigo is rolling out a patch this week for ArcheAge as well as ArcheAge Unchained: Come October 15th, both versions of the game will see the addition of vehicle customization, the return of a lineage of bosses, and a new quest arc:

“The episodic Chronicle quest-line, Calleil and the Crown Prince, unravels in a separate lore-based ArcheAge storyline. Heeding the call of the ancient Hiram Guardians, brave adventurers are sent to investigate the traces of a mysterious stranger. On their journey across Erenor, the heroes will face many new challenges and learn about the origins of the false prophet Calleil. Users can embark on their adventure in the Eastern Hiram Mountain region.”

The update is live on the PTS right now, and that’s where the fuss begins, as the new ArchePass for Unchained is over there too, and it’s looking like a pretty big deviation from Unchained’s original anti-pay-to-win stance. While it’s certainly possible Gamigo could change the pass in the next two days, as it stands right now, Gamigo seems to be adding non-cosmetic progression items directly into the reward track for credits, while also increasing the experience required for each tier and reducing the diligence payout over time, thereby making it even more difficult for non-premium players to compete. Reddit is not pleased. YouTube is stunned and disbelieving.

ArcheAge fans and looky-loos will recall that Gamigo has already changed course on Unchained once this year with the release of the Garden of the Gods expansion; though last year when Unchained launched Gamigo promised that future updates to the buy-to-play version of the game would be free, Garden of the Gods had a pricetag. At the time, Gamigo blamed the switcharoo on “shortcomings of the ArchePass system” at that launch that the game “did not fully recover from.”

Archeage Unchained (B2P) – new ArchePass from PTS – no official confirmation yet from archeage

Source: Press release, Reddit, Gamepro03. Cheers, Anon.
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