Dungeons and Dragons Online: Fables of the Feywild’s bundles includes a $130 edition


With Dungeons and Dragons Online’s next expansion tentatively scheduled for November 4th, Standing Stone Games is urging players to get ready for Fables of the Feywild by placing their pre-orders now.

The base edition is $40 and includes the actual game content plus the shapeshifting Shifter race. There are more expensive editions, with $80 and $130 price tags, that include bonuses such as unicorn mounts, satyr hirelings, the Razorclaw Shifter iconic, and the Feydark Illusionist universal tree.

The expansion sounds a little more fanciful than previous excursions: “Journey to the land of myth and fable, a place of wonder and death in Dungeons & Dragons Online: Fables of the Feywild. Meet the Archfey, mighty beings who may help or hinder you on your adventures. Encounter majestic Unicorns, mischievous Pixies, deadly Displacer Beasts, and fierce Fomorians in this all new expansion!”

The expansion itself will add 13 quests, a wilderness area, new public zone, and a raid.

Source: Dungeons and Dragons Online. Thanks DDOCentral!

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As someone who started with DDO, then years later drifted over to Neverwinter and never seriously went back, my impressions of the Feywild as a game setting are kind of permanently Neverwinter-coloured now. (I really need to get going in DDO again, I do miss it).


The bundle price points for the Fables of the Feywild expansion are the same as the Ravenloft and Sharn expansions. SSG’s publisher, Daybreak, most likely determines the bundle prices, not SSG.


I don’t have anything to add other than I love how MOP often includes the ridiculously high bundle prices in the headline.


Of note, this is the first DDO expansion with content for relatively low levels (5th as well as 30th). The next-lowest is Ravenloft at 10+, the others are all 15+.

Ben Stone

Its definitely a levelling range that needed some new content, with most available quests being pretty old.


About what I expected, given the price points of the versions of the last three expansions going back to I think Ravenloft? That said the lack of consumables hurts this bundle (Astral shards etc) but I totally understand that. And honestly, the sheer amount of accountwide bonuses on the $80+ versions seems pretty good.

Clarification: For DDO, that is. The game is decidedly nonstandard in its various price points from what I can tell. For this specific game, the two higher paid versions seem to be pretty good value. You may find better value in other games, though.