Dungeons and Dragons Online: Fables of the Feywild’s bundles includes a $130 edition


With Dungeons and Dragons Online’s next expansion tentatively scheduled for November 4th, Standing Stone Games is urging players to get ready for Fables of the Feywild by placing their pre-orders now.

The base edition is $40 and includes the actual game content plus the shapeshifting Shifter race. There are more expensive editions, with $80 and $130 price tags, that include bonuses such as unicorn mounts, satyr hirelings, the Razorclaw Shifter iconic, and the Feydark Illusionist universal tree.

The expansion sounds a little more fanciful than previous excursions: “Journey to the land of myth and fable, a place of wonder and death in Dungeons & Dragons Online: Fables of the Feywild. Meet the Archfey, mighty beings who may help or hinder you on your adventures. Encounter majestic Unicorns, mischievous Pixies, deadly Displacer Beasts, and fierce Fomorians in this all new expansion!”

The expansion itself will add 13 quests, a wilderness area, new public zone, and a raid.

Source: Dungeons and Dragons Online. Thanks DDOCentral!
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