dungeons and dragons online

Official Site: Dungeons and Dragons Online
Studio: Standing Stone Games, formerly Turbine/WB Interactive Entertainment; published by Daybreak Game Company
Launch Date: February 28, 2006
Genre: Fantasy Themepark
Business Model: Hybrid F2P (Optional Sub, Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

Dungeons and Dragons Online preps another Hardcore League for December

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Dungeons & Dragons Online’s Illithid Invasion event gets more teasing and public testing ahead of November 1 release

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LOTRO is close on Corsairs of Umbar while DDO readies a ‘memorable’ server event

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The Stream Team: Pumpkin smashing and chocolate hoarding in Dungeons & Dragons Online’s Night Revels

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Dungeons and Dragons Online readies a community-wide challenge and a Deck of Many Curses

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EverQuest, Guild Wars 2, LOTRO, and more fundraise for this year’s Extra Life push

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The Stream Team: Meeting with a medusa in Dungeons & Dragons Online

An attack on Stormreach is imminent! Massively OP's MJ has uncovered the plot of the Droaam and its medusa ambassador Hesstess to attack DDO's...

LOTRO fine-tunes the Mariner while DDO makes stomach polyps a safe place to be

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Dungeons and Dragons Online’s Halloween event returns with new rewards

Boo! Boo who? Oh, don't cry little dungeon crawler. For you see, the Night Revels, Dungeons and Dragons Online's Halloween event, is back in...

Dungeons and Dragons Online teases Halloween rewards and challenge dungeon revamp

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The Stream Team: Dealing with the Droaam army in DDO

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Dungeons and Dragons Online says that its Vecna Unleashed secret loot hunt has been solved

Something that Standing Stone Games likes to do with its Dungeons and Dragons Online expansions is tucking in a hidden feature for the community...

Dungeons and Dragons Online begins testing weapon standardization

Dungeons and Dragons Online's weapons better get with the program -- literally. The next big update for the game seeks to standardize weapons across...

Dungeons and Dragons Online debuts new Vecna Unleashed raid

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Dungeons and Dragons Online takes you behind the scenes for the creation of an instance

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