LOTRO and DDO are still offline after 24 hours, so you might as well watch DDO’s PAX East panel


If you tried logging into Lord of the Rings Online or Dungeons and Dragons Online since yesterday morning, you’re in for a bit of Easter Sunday disappointment, as both games have been offline, now for over 24 hours on the holiday weekend.

The LOTRO forums thread on the topic has spiraled into 24 pages as last night SSG’s Cordovan admitted to players the studio had been “working all day to resolve issues at the data center,” though the team was “making progress.” At 2 a.m. this morning, he wrote, “We are continuing to work overnight to address issues preventing the game services from being available. If something changes overnight we will let you know, otherwise we will be back in touch in the morning.” Unfortunately, the update this morning was not good.

“Morning! We are continuing to work on network connection issues at the data center. Once we know more we will update you. As to the cause, there was some kind of power related event at the data center that has caused critical hardware issues and despite our redundancies there are issues getting things to communicate.”

Since you’ve got some downtime, you may be interested to know that the studio uploaded its full DDO PAX East 2024 full presentation to YouTube for the community’s edification. At the show, several developers (and one Wizards of the Coast rep) spent an hour talking about how they take classic D&D monsters and bring them to life in the MMORPG. Hey, it’s something to do while you wait.

And if you have some time to spare, you can kick back with the weekly Friday livestreams, including an overview of DDO’s Update 67 and an exploration of Lord of the Rings Online’s newest dungeons:

Source: SSG forums, YouTube. Cheers, Yrys and Rick!
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