Shroud of the Avatar adds a chicken spawner and hands out confetti eggs in Release 124


Chickens and eggs? In Shroud of the Avatar? It’s not just more likely than you think; they’re a couple of the features that have been added in Release 124, among several other things that primarily fall into the fixes and adjustments bucket once more.

Chickens will come from your favorite restaurant a new chicken spawner item that can be purchased from decoration merchants, which will grant players the dream of having chickens presumably appear out of nowhere to populate their space.

As for the eggs, those are coming in the form of confetti eggs that players can throw at one another. These will be offered as a free login reward or available from the cash shop in the form of a replenishing egg basket. The shop also has duck and goose spawners for those who would rather not summon forth chickens.

The rest of R124 otherwise applies tweaks to existing content, including typo fixes, some minor changes to certain towns, new requirements for unlocking the Bard specialization, and updates for several of the MMORPG’s world quests.

Longtime MOP readers will know that Shroud of the Avatar is a controversial game in the MMO space. Kickstarted in 2013, the project has been criticized for cutting promised features, crowdfunding excessively, delaying Kickstarter rewards, obfuscating its corporate leadership and office status, and neglecting SEC filings legally required by the game’s equity crowdfunding. In 2019, Richard Garriott company Portalarium sold SOTA to its lead dev and all but exited the game. Press inquires were met with stonewalling and insults, and equity crowdfund investors were abandoned without notice or any semblance of accountability; moreover, the groups are now building a blockchain MMO. SOTA itself does still have a tiny playerbase and is technically still receiving minimal development.
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