MassivelyOP’s guide to 13 MMORPGs that you can play on Macs


Until I got my first Macbook this past December, I admit that I never really paid attention to what MMOs could be played on Apple’s products. When I did start looking into games to put on my new laptop, I found that many titles weren’t accessible on that platform.

Yet some were, and that’s why I wanted to share with you a list today of MMOs that you can play on desktop and laptop Macs. This list isn’t going to include the myriad of mobile-only MMORPGs that run rampant through Apple’s App Store, but it will mention a few titles that are cross-platform.

So if you’re in the Apple ecosystem, here are 13 MMORPGs that you can boot up on your Mac today without having to finagle a workaround with Wine or Bootcamp.

Fine, whatever.

World of Warcraft

Blizzard’s always been very supportive of making sure that its games are available on Macs, and indeed, its premiere MMO is an easy download away. And yes, this includes WoW Classic, if that’s your flavor.

Elder Scrolls Online

Bethesda’s MMO is available on pretty much every platform you can ask for, aside from mobile (and even then, you’ve got Elder Scrolls Blades). The action combat demands a mouse, though; the trackpad isn’t going to cut it if you’re on a laptop.

Try again.

Final Fantasy XIV

If Eorzea and tab-target combat is more your jam, then welcome home to Final Fantasy XIV on the Mac. While this is a subscription title, you can play through a great amount of the game before having to pony up a penny. What have you got to lose?


Whether you like the modern version or something a little more… old school, RuneScape has you covered on a wide range of platforms including Apple’s lineup. This is also one of those games that you can pull up on mobile for some cross-platform fun.

EVE Online

Exploring and exploiting the stars isn’t going to be held back just because you bought a Mac. EVE Online has gone to great lengths to make sure that its interstellar conflict remains available to the Apple crowd.


Albion Online

Albion’s garnered a lot of respect for its addictive quality and constant stream of releases over the past few years. It’s a great option for Mac users, too, since the interface is a lot more forgiving to trackpads if you decide to eschew a mouse.


Macs aren’t always known for top gaming performance, but the low system requirements of Wizard101 won’t tax any machine. So why not take a leap into the card-based fantasy adventure?

Why do they both have different ears, though.

Wakfu and Dofus

While the Mac client is tucked away on the downloads page, trust us, Wakfu’s quirky world is available to you. And hey, Ankama’s Dofus is raring to go on Mac as well! They’re not conventional choices for an MMO, but maybe you’re in the mood for something a bit different anyway.

Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad God is a fun MMO that incorporates unusual features and a bullet shooter hell presentation. Mmm… permadeath and Apple go so weird together, don’t they?

Vendetta Online

The joke is that there’s not a single platform in the universe that Vendetta doesn’t support, including certain models of TRS calculators made in the 1980s. If you’re in a mood for a space sim that isn’t EVE, this might be worth a try!

Villagers and Heroes and AdventureQuest 3D

I’m going to toss both of these into this list because while they don’t have a native Mac client, they are available on the App Store as a cross-platform title and can be accessed on your machine that way.

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