Flameseeker Chronicles: Tips and tricks for Guild Wars 2’s roller beetle racing

I’m not a big racing game person. Sure, I played my fair share of Mario Kart 64 back in the day, but beyond that,...
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Guild Wars 2 datamining uncovers a new player guide coming to the game

It's always the right time to welcome new people into your favorite MMO, but sometimes the process of getting them on board can be...

Chaos Theory: Secret World Legend’s third anniversary and the 2020 MEGAversary event

Another year has come and gone. (Though we might be glad this one's over.) Secret World Legends, the reboot of the beloved

Tamriel Infinium: Getting ready for Elder Scrolls Online’s Greymoor chapter

Are you ready for Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor chapter release next week? I mean, are you really ready? Here at Massively OP,...

Valentine’s Day 2020 across the MMO universe

Per tradition, we've been covering the launch of Valentine's Day events in MMOs and MMORPGs over the last couple of weeks, but tomorrow is...

Desert Oasis: Fun things to do in Black Desert in 2020

With the new decade upon us, I think it's a good time to do some goal-setting for the upcoming decade. I might be biased...

The Game Archaeologist’s ultimate MMO archives v3.0

Behind history are people and stories, some of them well-known and some of them obscure. It has been my mission in The Game...
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Perfect Ten: How to show and share gratitude for your favorite MMO

So you've found an MMO you like. You're thankful that it exists. It's fun, it caters to your personal tastes, and it may not...

Desert Oasis: Discerning the best purchases in Black Desert’s cash shop

I've always been someone who goes against the grain, and MMOs are no exception. Part of the reason I enjoy Black Desert so much...

Desert Oasis: A guide to the best Mediah grindspots in Black Desert

Of all the Desert Oasis articles I've written so far, by far the most fun I had was doing a guide for two...

Warframe of Mind: A guide to finding Warframe’s lore fragments

Now that you know there is a host of lore to find in Warframe, you are probably more eager to gather it...

Desert Oasis: Hunting for the best grindspots in Black Desert

Of all things, the one thing about Black Desert that everyone can agree on is that there's a grind. Players who choose this...

Warframe of Mind: Where to look to find the lore in Warframe

When I mention the lore in Warframe, the response I usually get is "There's lore in Warframe?!?" I've even gotten this from some...

Wandering Wraeclast: A guide to gear at a glance in Path of Exile

In Path of Exile, don't despair if you feel like a beginner for a while -- the more you play, the deeper it...

Desert Oasis: A guide to open PvP and grindspot etiquette in the world of Black Desert

Back in my classic Guild Wars days, I was so happy to have the scrimmage system. It was a great way to solve...
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Massively OP’s guide to Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers’ unlocks and progress

The new expansion is out! After what felt like basically a year of waiting (but was closer to six months), Final Fantasy XIV's...

Wandering Wraeclast: The wonderful world of Path of Exile’s Hideout housing

When I first started playing Path of Exile, I never envisioned that housing would become available. And not just housing, but good housing...

Tamriel Infinium: Getting the most out of your Elder Scrolls Online box and sub in 2019

One of the most confusing things about any game that chooses a hybrid business model is figuring out what you need to buy in...

Flameseeker Chronicles: A guide to Guild Wars 2’s revivified Dragon Bash

Dragon Bash is an event that first ran in Guild Wars 2 in 2013, less than a year after the game launched. It...

Tamriel Infinium: MassivelyOP’s guide to the best Elder Scrolls Online podcasts

While Twitch streaming and YouTube viewing may be the new hotness for some video game content, there’s something to be said for the simplicity...