Elder Scrolls Online’s update 40 and Endless Archive launch today – here’s the trailer!


Elder Scrolls Online players are in for both tricks and treats today as update 40 and the Endless Archive officially launch for the MMO this afternoon. To usher in the update, ZeniMax Online Studios has posted a deep-dive for the Endless Archive content specifically, meant to be the capstone for the annual content rollout as well as a bit of a departure for the release cadence for this part of the year, as while it’s themed like Necrom’s Apocrypha, it’s actually a base game release rather than a DLC.

“Update 40 features the new PvE gameplay activity, Endless Archive, where you must battle your way through dynamic stages with monsters and bosses you’ve encountered all throughout Tamriel. Endless Archive can be played solo, or with a friend or Companion, and gives you the opportunity to obtain all sorts of new loot and collectibles including new Class Item Sets, a unique mount, and more.”

Worth noting is that while the video is focused on the Archive content, update 40 for the base game has quite a bit to offer everyone else too, including the group finder tool (which expands to cover dungeons, arenas, trials, PvP, and the Endless Archive itself), the jewelry crafting overhaul, a standardization pass for quest experience and gold drops, and consolidated crafting stations dubbed Grand Master crafting stations.

Source: Press release, official site, patch notes
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