Funcom’s Dune Awakening MMO is finally promising trailers and hype as Dune 2 hits theaters


Throughout the length of the Dune MMORPG’s development, it’s seemed weird that Funcom and Tencent didn’t push harder to link the game more directly to the Villeneuve movies, which are critical darlings as well as financial blockbusters. But so far it’s been a lot of short Tiktok noise promoting a niche-y survivalbox for a 60-year-old IP, and I’m not going to say it’s entirely like this…

… but it’s kind of like this? Meanwhile MMORPG players are over here absolutely salivating for real news!

Anyhow, Dune 2 is literally hitting theaters this weekend, and Funcom is finally getting itself in gear to debut some serious hype previews that aren’t just tiny Tiktok ads. The studio is calling it a “new series of Dune: Awakening Direct showcases,” and the first one rolls out Monday, March 4th, at noon EST.

“The Dune: Awakening Direct showcases are an exciting way for us to share more about Dune: Awakening with all of you. The first show on March 4 will be hosted by the prominent Soe Gschwind and include never-before-seen footage of the game in two brand-new videos: our Game Trailer, and a featurette titled Creating Worlds, from Book to Film to Game. Dune: Awakening is an Open World Survival MMO, and this Dune: Awakening Direct aims to show you what we mean by that. On Arrakis, you shape your own destiny by what you do. In the Game Trailer, we offer a taste of what it’s like to soar across open Dunes in your ornithopter, survive the sandworms, and build your first shelter. Creating Worlds, from Book to Film to Game, features interviews with academy award-winning cinematographer on Dune: Part 1 and 2, Greig Fraser, and Funcom Creative Director, Joel Bylos, giving you a glimpse at what it takes to bring the ultimate Dune fantasy to life.”

“Join us in celebrating this incredible universe,” Funcom concludes. “You’ve read it, you’ve seen it, and in Dune: Awakening, you will live it.” Now that’s more like it, marketing team!

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