ASTRA Knights of Veda finally opens pre-registration March 5 – here’s the new trailer


We’ve been keeping half an eyeball on ASTRA Knights of Veda since last year, when publisher HYBE and studio FLINT introduced their 2-D “MORPG” to the western world. Yes, a morepig, but with less emm. 2-D might even be a misnomer as surely you’re immediately thinking of pixelart titles – but it’s not. It’s also not isometric; ASTRA pretty much looks like a high-fantasy anime fighting game. It was supposed to hit PC and mobile last year, but that obviously did not happen, and the testing has extended all winter.

But now we’re finally looking at a proper launch on the way, or at least registration for the proper launch. “ASTRA: Knights of Veda will start pre-registration on March 5th in the build-up to its official launch later this year,” the teams announced this week in conjunction with their release of a new trailer.

“The teaser trailer welcomes players into the captivating medieval fantasy world of ASTRA: Knights of Veda, introducing the realm of Planis teetering on the precipice of annihilation under the rule of the tyrannical King Magnus. An army assembled by the realm to free them from Magnus’s madness was thwarted by a monstrous tree with its roots in the underworld rising from the depths. Sustained not by light and water but by darkness and flesh, all who fell within its deadly bloom were cursed. Twisting humans into ravenous flesh-eaters and monstrous aberrations, only through the intervention of the benevolent goddess Veda could humanity have hope of vanquishing the curse that plagues this world. Crowned by the goddess as Planis’ new champion, players will traverse a medieval fantasy world and beat back the undead hordes and monstrous beasts lurking in the darkness. Providing a fresh take on classic beat ’em up and side-scrolling combat, players can fight alone or raise the banners and gather other knights to rally behind the cause in team-based combat. Claim your honor with up to 4 valiant Knights and bring back hope and normalcy to the realm. Enter the PVP arena and prove your skills on the battlefield in real-time PVP combat against other Knights.”

We don’t have a start time for pre-reg yet nor details on how you’ll do it or why you should. Next week, we suppose.

Fun fact, there are a crapton of ASTRAs and games with the word “ASTRA” in them on Steam already – around 25 or so – but the one you’re looking for is this one.

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