The MOP Up: Meet Starfall, a new indie Minecraft MMO

So many amazing projects have been birthed from Minecraft over the past decade-plus, including fully formed games. One of the newer of these is...
This thing is weird.

Wakfu looks back at 2022 while planning its improvements for 2023

If you've somehow missed it over the past decade of its operation, Wakfu is a bit of an odd game. We do not mean...

Massively Overthinking: Our MMO predictions for 2023

Nobody can see the future, but it sure is fun guessing, and that's exactly what we're going to do for (to?) the MMO genre...
The island contains potassium benzoate.

Wakfu prepares to explore Ereboria on December 6

We regret to inform you that the next update for Wakfu is arriving on December 6th, and it is, in fact, extremely cursed. It...

Closers finishes off its third season of story and teases next narrative beats with Fortress of White Night update

If you've been following the overall story of the anime MMO Closers, then you likely know that Season 3 is headed for its climax...

PSO2 New Genesis celebrates 10 million ARKS worldwide and begins the second half of its autumn festival

Does 10 million ARKS in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis indicate that there are 10 million players or 10 million characters? Whatever that...

Realm of the Mad God, Spiral Knights, Minecraft Dungeons, Soulworker, Fiesta Online, and Shaiya launch Halloween festivities

Halloween! It's nearly upon us, and that means that a lot of games are celebrating in various ways, including most MMOs. We've even got...

Destiny 2 celebrates the Halloween season with mecha suits, masks, and a new haunted sector

The spooky season has come to the Guardians of Destiny 2 once again with the return of the Festival of the Lost, the FPS's...

Wakfu’s update 1.77 brings new tactical views, an Ouginak revamp, and a better performing game client

Wakfu is hoping to make fighting in the turn-based tactical MMO a little easier with the release of update 1.77, which is promising a...

Fight or Kite: Forget Overwatch 2 – Gundam Evolution meets your anime FPS needs

As a self diagnosed techie, I’ve always had a soft spot for mech-related games and shows. But I haven’t had too many opportunities in...

Wakfu’s single-player ‘roguelite deck builder’ One More Gate enters early access October 11

Most of our readers know Wakfu as a turn-based strategy-minded MMORPG, but very soon they'll also know it as a single-player card-based roguelite title....

The MOP Up: Allods Online throws an orcish holiday

How many MMOs throw Orcs their very own holiday? I only know one: Allods Online, which celebrates all things orcish -- including goblin tossing...

Gundam Evolution brings team-based mecha shooting action in its free-to-play release

If you love online shooters and giant robots of the Japanese anime persuasion - particularly those in the recognizable style of the Gundam IP...

Genshin Impact has ‘long-term project’ plans for an anime adaptation

Genshin Impact is already an anime you can play with its visual style, story beats, and trope-y collection of husbandos and waifus among its...

Tower of Fantasy launches update 1.5, Artificial Island, complete with your own house to build

If you've played Tower of Fantasy and thought to yourself, "Hey, this game feels like anime gacha WildStar, but it lacks housing," the latest...

Albion Online expands localization and introduces new guild finder in today’s update

Albion Online's big tent just got a little bit bigger today with the Into the Fray patch 6, which launches language localization for Japanese...

The MOP Up: Witness the creation of a Dauntless behemoth

Dauntless shared a neat video of a collaboration between its players and artists: "Back in April, many of you joined us for a community...

Massively Overthinking: The most unusual subscriptions in the MMO space

A while back on the MassivelyOP Podcast, so long ago that I can't remember who or when, a listener asked us about unusual MMO...

PSO2 New Genesis launches a collab with VTuber agency Hololive in newest event

Allow us to provide a bit of context just in case you're unfamiliar: A VTuber is effectively the same as a streamer and video...

The Stream Team: Romping through the open world and story quests of Tower of Fantasy

MOP's Chris has been generally having a good time in Tower of Fantasy, and since he's all about sharing those good times with others...