Tarisland begins its global closed beta for PC and Android on June 27


Tencent’s modern WoW clone Tarisland is on the way – maybe sooner than you thought, as the company announced today the global beta will inch open its doors as of June 27th. The Android beta includes Brazil, Canada, the Philippines and the United Kingdom, but the PC version is open to everyone “regardless of region.”

The studio is promising flexible classes, seasonal PvE and PvP progression, full cross-progression and crossplay, UI customization (on PC), and “a fair and sustainable game ecosystem for all players to enjoy,” by which it means “pay-to-win is not part of the game and stat-boosting items won’t be sold in in-game shop.”

“In the Closed Beta, players will be able to select one of the seven character classes currently available before exploring the Ancash Canyon, SilverLit, the Misty Forest and their respective storylines and quests. Understanding the classes and how they interact will be necessary as players team up to take on raids and dungeons. For those who want to secure their place in the annals of Taris’ history a special event awaits – the first to defeat the four dungeon bosses with a team of 10, will receive exclusive Closed Beta rewards, including titles. The Closed Beta will also give players the opportunity to try out five crafting professions, enter the Arena or the Battlegrounds, and, if they feel skilled enough, take on the World Bosses.”

Closed beta signups are up on the official site.

Source: Press release, official site
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