Kakao Q3 2022: Revenue down, pipeline packed with ArcheAge War, Ares, Odin Valhalla Rising, Dysterra

Kakao Games released Q3 financials this morning, and it's packed with good and bad news. Let's do the bad first: Revenue is down by...

The Daily Grind: Do you play any South Korean MMOs?

I'm going to start this edition of the Daily Grind by answering my own question with a sighing, "I've tried." Seriously, I've tried several...

Classic MMO Priston Tale is getting a mobile version in South Korea

Do you remember Priston Tale? It's a Korean MMORPG that originally released to our shores in 2004 and is still apparently running free-to-play to...

NCsoft Korea’s office literally turns away employees who have worked too many hours

It's not too terribly often we get the opportunity to report on gaming companies doing the right thing by its employees (even if it...

MapleStory announces spirited collabrotation with K-Pop band BTS

I'm starting to gradually come to accept that my age, ethnicity, and lack of singing talent means that my chances of being recruited for...

NCsoft expected to change its name to NC before September

Evidently, NCsoft is no longer going to be soft. It's not going to be hard, either, or even slightly squishy. It's simply going to...

Steampunkish Elyon proposes ‘massive’ Korean beta test this summer

If you cast your mind back a couple of years, you might recall that steampunk MMO fans were hanging their hopes on the then-newly...

Pearl Abyss’ DokeV reveals new images, shares lyric video for its theme song

Just what the heck is DokeV? We're still not entirely sure yet -- Pearl Abyss calls it a "creature-collecting open world MMO" but it...

Academics argue WHO’s ‘gaming disorder’ classification could cost South Korea billions

Over the last couple of years, we've been covering the science behind gaming addiction and more specifically the World Health Organization's attempt to insert...

Minecraft-esque MMO sandbox Islet Online has launched on Steam and Android

So hey. This hasn't been the best week for MMOs and MMO fans. Watching what's happening at Blizzard is just devastating, even if the...

Grab a key for AVA Dog Tag’s second closed beta test, planned for January 18-31

Back in September we covered the resurrection of Alliance of Valiant Arms as AVA Dog Tag by its original developer, South Korean studio Red...

Netmarble’s appeal over deceptive lockbox practices has been dismissed

Even South Korea is getting mighty tired of lockboxes... or at least, tired of scuzzy business practices associated with them. Netmarble had been fined...
Twish, Spir I

Nexon’s upcoming mobile title Spiritwish enters closed beta in South Korea, shows off gameplay footage

The folks at Nexon Korea's internal NEON Studio are apparently working on a new mobile MMO called Spiritwish. Currently in closed beta testing in...
Right, so this is awful.

TERA adds a new class option for Elin in Korea

Most of the classes added to TERA after its launch have been restricted to certain races and genders, but the latest update for the...

Nexon rolls out a flexible work schedule similar to Netmarble’s to reduce employee overwork

No company wants to be in the news by overworking its employees to death; that usually looks bad. (Due to it being bad.) Netmarble...

PUBG Corp sues Netease for cloning PUBG in Knives Out and Rules of Survival

Let the battle royale lawsuits begin! TorrentFreak caught wind of a new lawsuit in California that ought to set all the cloners on edge:...
The shooter shoots.

Bluehole’s Ascent: Infinite Realm prepares for its first beta on December 13th

Let's get the bad news out of the way right out of the gate. The first beta for Ascent: Infinite Realm (the next game...
All right, that's... this is super, you guys are doing super, sure.

Korean mobile MMO Royal Blood kicks off its closed beta on September 25

What is the new mobile MMO Royal Blood all about? We honestly can't tell you, unless the entire game is about fighting a bunch...
Lineage what, now? Huh?

Netmarble under scrutiny by government agencies in the wake of a crunch-mode death

You probably remember the sad news about a Netmarble employee who was, essentially, worked straight to death. That's the bad news. The good news...
sailing, sailing

Check out a trailer for ArcheAge’s upcoming naval arena

Battle on the high seas! Cannons firing, seas foaming, decks wet, local slang dialect nearly incomprehensible! If that all sounds like fun times to...