Nexon is publishing Overgeared-themed Project T MMORPG for PC and mobile


Nexon has had so many “Project” games in development over the years that you’d be forgiven if your eyes glaze over at one more, but maybe it’s worth a second look, given the IP and the word “global.” Today, the company announced that it’ll serve as the global publisher for Project T, which Nexon calls an “MMORPG […] for PC and mobile” using the popular Korean Overgeared IP. In other words, this won’t just be one of those games that gets announced and then never crosses the Korean border.

“Developed by GRAYGAMES, Project T is based on the popular web novel and webtoon, Overgeared, which has been published for 11 years and has recorded 1.3 billion views in Korea. The story is based on the adventures of Young-woo Shin, who accidentally gains transcendental power while playing a game set in the medieval era. Project T inherits the Overgeared’s unique virtual reality and various contents including ‘Hidden Quest’, ‘Hidden Class’, ‘Epic’, and ‘Craft System’ in a worldview that combines fantasy and medieval settings. Featuring unique original characters and a highly immersive story, players can create a world together through founding a nation, war battle, and the granting of titles, all incorporating the original worldview.”

GRAYGAMES is a babyfaced new studio apparently contracted to develop the game for REDICE STUDIO, and no I don’t know why we’re all shouting these company names, press releases be like that sometimes.

That’s literally all that’s in the PR, and my favorite thing about digging around the internet looking for more is all the websites translating “Overgeared” as “The Strongest Equipment” and “Equip Me Strongest.” I love it.

Source: Press release
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