NCsoft Korea’s office literally turns away employees who have worked too many hours


It’s not too terribly often we get the opportunity to report on gaming companies doing the right thing by its employees (even if it is also to not run afoul of local government), so allow us a moment to eagerly report on NCsoft’s “Gate Off” protocol, which effectively prevents employees that have been working at the company’s office in Korea for too many hours from even getting in the door.

This is all reportedly done through electronic gates at the office’s entrance, which tracks whether the employee trying to get in to the building has hit the maximum of 208 hours of work for the month and barring their entrance if they have. The policy is currently being applied as part of a trial period, with NCsoft asking for feedback from employees to further refine it.

This new command comes as part of overall reforms to the Korean games industry, where workers experienced such high levels of crunch that they were literally dying; readers will recall the case of a Netmarble employee’s death in 2016, prompting an official Korean government response and Netmarble instituting new working hours policies.

source: MMO Culture

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They should have more employees that work just under the amount that requires paying benefits (usually 15 hour min 25 hour max from where I’m from) then you could get the same work done for the same price without anyone ever burning out. Why don’t companies actually do that?


Because overworking your employees saves you more money in other ways. Unethical, but profitable.

IronSalamander8 .

As someone who has in the past (years ago now), worked 56 hours a week consistently and 2 weeks where I worked over 90 hours, that really adds up and can be extremely draining as well as damaging your health and relationships, and indeed, even kill you if taken too far. I know those 2 extreme weeks I felt awful and was not fun to be around.