SMITE releases new Conquest map, new battle pass, and new tutorials with the launch of Season 8


Goodbye creepy Sleeper purple, hello resplendent Tiamat marble. It’s the start of Season 8 in SMITE, which has brought along with it a fresh bundle of content updates, all of which holds no surprises for you if you checked out Hi-Rez’s presentation from earlier this month.

As a refresher, Season 8 introduces a refreshed Conquest map that replaces Cthulu’s influence with Tiamat’s in terms of aesthetics as well as overall being larger and more tactical, promising new jungle camps and gameplay mechanics. The map will also be a “living” one, with plans for three meta-refreshing changes tied to the overarching storyline of the game. Naturally, Conquest has new items for players to pursue — 50 of them, to be exact — each with two different upgrades for the game’s later stages.

Season 8 has brought on a number of other updates as well, including the launch of another battle pass and season pass, some new tutorials for players to learn their role (shutting their mouths is optional), a number of free skins, and a Dawn of Babylon event, which features new skin bundles to purchase. As we noted before, the patch notes for this update were already shared, but you can read over them again if you missed out the last time.

source: press release
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