hi rez studios

A studio known primarily for SMITE, Global Agenda, Tribes: Ascend, and Paladins.

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The MOP Up: How about Final Fantasy XI’s new Vana’Bout?

Final Fantasy XI had a busy week with a November patch, that "includes changes to foes in Normal and Intense Ambuscades, a new battlefield...

Fight or Kite: Netmarble’s Paragon The Overprime resurrects Epic’s lost MOBA Paragon (again)

Some things never change. The sky is blue – except at night. The grass is green – except in winter. And Paragon is dead...

SMITE and RuneScape renew their collaboration with new and returning hero skins

Last November saw the unlikely combination of RuneScape and SMITE in a collaborative event that featured several members of the MOBA roster done up...

The MOP Up: Soulframe releases a soundtrack tidbit

Soulframe fans starved to hear something -- anything -- about Digital Extremes' upcoming fantasy RPG were thrown an audio morsel this week in the...

The MOP Up: World of Warcraft’s mighty banhammer strikes once more

World of Warcraft announced that it banned 145,566 accounts in August, saying, "All of these actions were for cheating or exploitation, which primarily result...

NCsoft’s mythological battle royale, Battle Crush, is launching next spring with CBT signups open now

You wouldn't normally look to Nintendo Direct for news on NCsoft multiplayer titles, but 2023 is still pumping out surprises. Today, NCsoft announced that...

The MOP Up: Palia releases its super-chill soundtrack

Feast your ear-tongues on these sound-pops: Palia's completely chill score is now available as a full 24-track album that you can listen to on...

Hi-Rez Studio president adjusts a contract rider for voice actors after being called out for potential AI use

If you've been on gaming Twitter anytime recently, you might have seen a thread started by voice actor Henry Schrader that was calling attention...

Warframe’s Digital Extremes joins other studios in raising funds for Hawaii wildfire relief

With the death toll from last week's devastating wildfires in Maui climbing well over a hundred people lost, and with an entire town displaced,...

SMITE runs charity sale to aid Maui wildfire relief efforts

Readers may have learned about a series of devastating wildfires that have caused havoc on the Hawaiian island of Maui earlier this week, with...

The MOP Up: AdventureQuest 3D players spend five billion gold… in a weekend

A recent gold boost event led to a record-breaking level of transactions in AdventureQuest 3D as players splurged on augments. "This was a new record...

Perfect Ten: 10 memorable MMO marketing campaigns from the genre’s past

Believe it or not, MMOs get off easy when it comes to notorious marketing campaigns. Anything on the following list, good or bad, is...

PSA: SMITE is giving away a total of 10 million gems to mark its 10th anniversary

Are you a SMITE player? Would you like some free gems cash shop currency? How about 10,000 of them? That's the offer being made...
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Wow Factor: The future of Blizzard is bleak

So yesterday our Massively Overthinking roundtable asked everyone to sound off on the future of Blizzard because... well, the studio had a plan to...
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The Daily Grind: Do you have hope for ArcheAge or its sequel?

To me, ArcheAge will forever be the first of many South Korean games that was heralded as bringing back the mythical prelapsarian days of...

SMITE’s newest update adds Charon the Ferryman to the MOBA’s roster

Usually being the ferryman for the River Styx would be a pretty singular job, but apparently Charon is branching out into MOBA fights as...

SMITE, Paladins company Hi-Rez is hit by layoffs following major restructuring and new CEO

Hi-Rez's Stewart Chisam has announced a major restructure of the company and its multiple online games studios - and unfortunately, it includes layoffs. Chisam wrote...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Wrapping up the End of Dragons era with What Lies Within

It's the end of an era: Guild Wars 2's End of Dragons era of content comes to a close with today's episode, titled What...

The MOP Up: Magic the Gathering Arena jumps the gun on Steam

While we were all led to believe that Magic the Gathering Arena was coming to Steam this fall -- mostly because investors were told...

The Daily Grind: Do incoherent art styles in MMOs bother you?

My husband was playing SMITE the other day and showed me a new skin for Aphrodite that is super cute and cartoony (and I...