SMITE 2 talks up its new-look conquest mode as it readies for alpha testing this spring


Hi-Rez sub-studio Titan Forge kicked off its 2024 by announcing a sequel to its MOBA, SMITE 2, which would be entering a soft launch beta state sometime this year, but things have otherwise been generally quiet since that January reveal save for a bunch of dev vlogs. It looks as if the noise is about to come rumbling back a bit louder as the game is taking a moment to talk about the sequel’s conquest mode and preparing for it to enter testing soon.

Players of the original game will probably not be too unfamiliar with SMITE 2’s conquest mode, but by the same token Titan Forge believes the sequel’s mode will be an overall improvement, with improvements to lanes, towers, minions, and jungle camps, all of which are being tuned around greater creative collaboration for players.

There are some other mechanical tweaks in the sequel’s mode as well, such as jungle monsters and fire giants leveling up with each defeat alongside commensurate player rewards, permanent benefits to teams that defeat the Gold Fury, and interaction with the Warhorn granting buffs to team minions.

All of these adjustments to conquest will be in player hands sometime this spring, when Titan Forge plans to kick off alpha weekend tests. Hard dates haven’t been tied down yet, but players can get an advance look in the video below.

source: press release
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