MOBAs are multiplayer online battle arenas, PvP-centric, non-persistent online games that share some but not all mechanics in common with traditional MMORPGs. We formerly categorized MOBAs as “Not So Massively” games. You may also be interested in our Multiplayer category for other multiplayer online games that aren’t fully massive. [Follow the MOBA tag’s RSS feed]

Fight or Kite: SMITE has the right vibes but the wrong gameplay for this PvP fan

SMITE is one of the largest MOBAs on the planet and has been for years now. In fact, it's currently celebrating its 10th anniversary!...

Evercore Heroes talks upcoming remaster, says its ‘fighting for Vela’s survival with this next bet’

It's been an exceedingly rough year for Evercore Heroes, the fusion of MMO, MOBA, and bad luck. The project went into closed beta this...
Do you hear what I hear?

The MOP Up: How about Final Fantasy XI’s new Vana’Bout?

Final Fantasy XI had a busy week with a November patch, that "includes changes to foes in Normal and Intense Ambuscades, a new battlefield...

Don’t look now but Blizzard has been quietly patching up Heroes of the Storm

When it comes to Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard is putting the "maintenance" back in "maintenance mode" as November 16th saw a new patch...

Fight or Kite: Netmarble’s Paragon The Overprime resurrects Epic’s lost MOBA Paragon (again)

Some things never change. The sky is blue – except at night. The grass is green – except in winter. And Paragon is dead...

League of Legends fighting game Project L will be playable during Worlds 2023 in South Korea

How hungry are you to try out Project L, the fighting game that draws from the roster of Riot Games' MOBA League of Legends?...

Greg Street announces his new MMORPG, dubbed Ghost and funded by NetEase

Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street has been talking big on Twitter about his new game studio and new MMORPG following his exit from Riot Games and...

BlizzCon’s schedule highlights World of Warcraft but ditches Q&As

With a week to go before this year's BlizzCon, the curiosity, hope, and cynicism are running strong toward the house that Warcraft built. While...

Massively Overthinking: Are there any MMOs for which a spin-off mode would be welcome?

Pantheon's announcement that its developers are working on spinning out a monetized "247" extraction mode hasn't engendered a whole lot of hope for the...

SMITE and RuneScape renew their collaboration with new and returning hero skins

Last November saw the unlikely combination of RuneScape and SMITE in a collaborative event that featured several members of the MOBA roster done up...

Anime hero shooter Second Wave shares gameplay footage and thoughts from its first beta

Over the past couple of months we've been reporting on Second Wave, a hero shooter/MOBA hybrid dressed up in anime style from developer Challengers...
Prepare for bear.

Massively Overthinking: What’s next for Blizzard under Microsoft?

So the Microsoft acquisition of Activision-Blizzard is basically a done deal. Oh, sure, the FTC is still fumbling around with hapless appeals, but look,...

Evercore Heroes dev continues internal work on Project R revamp, now in the ‘awkward transition phase’

The shrinking of the PvE-focused MOBA/MMO Evercore Heroes continues. Readers will recall that the original game's paid closed beta didn't draw enough buyers to...
And on and on and on...

Perfect Ten: Myths about balance in MMOs

For some MMO players, "balance" is a dirty word. And I'm not going to lie, I can hardly blame them. If you're not a...

The MOP Up: Aion Classic finally gets its delicious revenge

Aion Classic unleashed Update 2.4: Stormwing's Revenge on its servers this past week: "Get ready to battle Stormwing and defeat Yamennes to loot heroic...

The MOP Up: It’s the great Albion, Charlie Brown!

Albion Online is getting into the spirit of Halloween with its Harvest Challenge: "Fall has come to the world of Albion... the shadows are...
So long, guy. You looked good.

Motiga’s MOBA Gigantic has been resurrected… for 33 hours starting this afternoon

So here's a nice surprise for a Thursday morning: If you missed the old Motiga MOBA-shooter Gigantic, you can play it again - briefly. MMO...

The MOP Up: Soulframe releases a soundtrack tidbit

Soulframe fans starved to hear something -- anything -- about Digital Extremes' upcoming fantasy RPG were thrown an audio morsel this week in the...

The MOP Up: World of Warcraft’s mighty banhammer strikes once more

World of Warcraft announced that it banned 145,566 accounts in August, saying, "All of these actions were for cheating or exploitation, which primarily result...

PvPvE Project F4E dates its next playtest for October 5

The testing continues on for Project F4E, the co-op PvE-focused MOBA PvPvE title being developed by BetaDwarf Studios that we've been keeping track of...