SMITE 1 reworks dozens of items in mid-season update, SMITE 2 showcases updates to Hecate


It’s a tale of two SMITE titles in this news story, as Hi-Rez Studios has put forth information and updates for both the original MOBA and the in-development sequel, so whether you’re an old hold-out or someone looking for the next evolution, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll begin with SMITE 1 and its Year 11 mid-season update, which focuses on “dozens” of item reworks. As one might expect, this section of the patch notes gets pretty lengthy, but generally fans can look forward to new passive effects for Tier 2 items, while item updates are overall tuned to shake up the meta and refresh high levels of play.

The mid-season patch has also engaged a new Summer Sizzle event, added several new skins, and adjusted how totems in Conquest mode work; they now can spawn in a specific color by slaying an associated shaman, and if that color was already present, then it gets a permanent buff, though enemy players can also steal spirit totems.

As for SMITE 2, the news out of that game is mostly focused on updates to Hecate, which include abilities that lean into creating portals and an ultimate ability that lets her move enemies to different parts of the map. These updates can be tested by players in the MOBA’s third alpha weekend event that’s coming soon™, but until then, fans can watch the video below to get some insight into her changes.

sources: press releases, SMITE 1 site, YouTube
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