SMITE 2 readies its third alpha weekend for June 27 with three more characters in tow


Third time’s the charm, or at least the next in a series of steps for SMITE 2, as the MOBA has tied down some early details and a start date for its third alpha weekend, which will begin on Thursday, June 27th. Yes, that’s technically not the start of the weekend, but who’s going to complain about getting an extra day to play a game?

This upcoming build of the title will introduce the reworked Hecate and will also bring over Thanatos and The Morrigan to the sequel’s roster, both of whom appear to have the same skills they possess in the original MOBA. This alpha weekend will also allow owners of three character skins – Mighty Mutt Fenrir, Cosmic Thrawn Hades, and Firefly Sol – to bring them over to the sequel thanks to the cross-gen system.

More information about this next test will likely come in the next few days, but in the meantime those who want to try out this next test can either request access on Steam, register on the site, or throw money in Hi-Rez’s face for guaranteed access by buying a founder’s pack. Fans can also pass the time by listening to how SMITE 2’s backend will be improved thanks to a partnership with RallyHere.

sources: press release, YouTube
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