Hi-Rez previews new seasons for Paladins, Rogue Company, and SMITE


Yesterday’s Hi-Rez Presents show dropped a ton of new info about SMITE, Paladins, and Rogue Company in the new year. Notably for SMITE, devs homed in on its eighth season of play and the Babylonian pantheon (patch notes are already up):

“SMITE Season 8: Dawn of Babylon brings a new map for the core Conquest mode and an all-new pantheon of Gods. When the season premieres on Jan. 26th, the Conquest map will get an overhauled look inspired by Baylonian myth. The goddess Tiamat has banished Cthulhu, and cleansed the battlegrounds of his dark influence. But in doing so, she’s remade the world in her own image — resplendent in gold and Babylonian architecture. The new Conquest map is also larger than the old map and features new Jungle challenges, offering additional opportunities for strategic gameplay. Even better: This isn’t the only time SMITE’s Conquest map will update in Season 8. This year’s Conquest map is a living map, evolving with quarterly updates that will feature new visuals and gameplay changes. There’s always something new to look forward to on the Battleground of the Gods in Season 8.”

Paladins is launching Season 4: Calamity on February 3rd; it features new champion Yagorath, and yes, she’s a worm. It’ll also revamp the game’s battle pass system, add Torvald skins, and herald even more updates later on in the year, including custom mode options, limited-time mods, and map tweaks.

And then Rogue Company, another shooter from the company, laid out its roadmap for season 1, which includes a new map and new rogue dubbed Kestrel.

Finally, this being an MMO site and all, we’re expecting you’ll be pretty intrigued by this Global Agenda tweet from one of the company’s brand directors:

A year ago, we recapped the fate of that game, which was officially declared dead back in 2018 after years of inaccessibility and limbo. It sure would be nice if they’d meet the demand that clearly still exists, eh?

Source: SMITE, Paladins, video, Twitter. Thanks, Bruno!

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Shadex De'Marr

Yeah if it’s not about GA, don’t care.


Global Agenda would be cool to see return some day but kind of doubt HiRez is going to ever bother with another MMO type thing again.

Bruno Brito

That’s Erez. He’s probably trolling the fans because…it’s Erez.

Honestly, i find that Rogue Company is just a bad reskin of what GA2 should be for Hirez. They always said they wanted GA2 to be a Lobby Shooter.

I don’t get why they just don’t follow the Warframe/PSO2 path and make GA2 a lobby based shooter with class leveling, character customization and progression and builds. They’re really riding this boat of mediocrity to the end and must be terrified of making a MMO.


Yeah, I don’t really get it either. It’s like they have good ideas but they’re scared to go beyond the realm of safety at this point, and Erez just wants more flavors of arena shooters.

Bruno Brito

The GA thread is just painful.