Official Site: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen
Studio: Visionary Realms
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Retro Fantasy Themepark
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

We know how this story ends.

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Pantheon Rise of the Fallen calls attention to a Monk deep-dive and ‘milestone’ levels for all classes

Earlier this month, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen put out a newsletter with a couple of interesting features for those who are curious about...

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Pantheon says its first pass on crafting and gathering is in a ‘playtest-ready state’

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You are not the real thing.

Betawatch: Pantheon discusses the building blocks of crafting

So if you're curious about crafting in Pantheon, the latest dispatch from the development team is all about building blocks. No, not that... the crafting...

Pantheon’s Visionary Realms is working on the ‘building blocks’ of its crafting system

Pantheon's latest producer letter looks a lot like past letters at this stage in development: heavy on technical news. But you probably expected that...

Pantheon’s Daedrym Ascent is the go-to vacation destination for dragons

If you knew that there was a mountain devoted to all things dragon, would you run in terror away from it or in excitement...

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen dev roundtable answers, ‘Who are the Fallen?’

Last month's Pantheon VIP developer roundtable just released for the general public, and it's chock-full of questions about the game's lore and art. These...

April Fools’ Day around the MMO world, 2022 edition

Whether you love it or dread it, April Fools' Day is happening everywhere, specifically to annoy copyeditors who have to fix that dang apostrophe...
Did you know there was an IP here?

Betawatch: Throne and Liberty is the new name for what was once Lineage III

Goodbye, Lineage Eternal - you don't exist. Now you're Throne and Liberty, which is a title change that apparently preserves the sanctity of the Lineage...
Sexy, kinda.

Pantheon updates fans on progress with its March producer’s letter

If you're watching Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen carefully for signs of life, the latest producer's letter should give you hope. There are a lot...
So, probably not.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen’s public alpha won’t be this month

While it doesn't look like a public alpha is in the cards for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen this month, the team at Visionary...

Pantheon’s first playable HDRP build is now in QA testing

Pantheon's regular monthly newsletter has arrived to players today, heralding an internal milestone for Visionary Realms: a playable HDRP build heading to QA testers....

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen takes a closer look at the giants of its world and updates to Wild’s End

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has giants. Or it had giants. In any event, the race is the primary feature of the MMORPG's most...

Pantheon’s lead programmer opens up about coding the guts of the game

While we're always fascinated by the high-level revelations of game design given by developers, all of those ideas would stay just that -- ideas...
You are not the real thing.

Betawatch: Pantheon plans alpha and increased awareness for 2022

You there, sitting there and reading this! Are you aware of Pantheon? One of the big things the developers are talking up for 2022 is...
So, probably not.

Pantheon’s January newsletter talks ‘increasing awareness’ – and increasing staff, too

Pantheon's Visionary Realms is back with a new producer's letter to cap off January, and this one heralds a fresh outlook for 2022 as...

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen showcases work on class creation, pet systems, and foliage visuals

The devs of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen seem to be eager to share their work as the game continues to slink towards its...
So, probably not.

Pantheon’s dev roundtable goes into the ‘art of combat’

If the meat-and-potatoes of MMO combat is what brings you the joy in gaming, then you're going to want to dine on an hour...