Pantheon Rise of the Fallen’s second pre-alpha season, The Mouth of Madness, arrives today

hands across whatever this fantasy world is called

While it’s no surprise that Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is still quite a ways out, Visionary Realms is continuing to find ways to provide its financial supporters an early crack at the game – Pantheon Seasons – and now the next one is upon us.

First announced back in February, seasons are basically a series of scheduled playtests that rotate around a new build update. Every six weeks or so, Pantheon aims to kick off a fresh testing season, and players who have pledged funds can check it out first-hand. Naturally, those who have paid the most into the game get the longest stretch of access, while the lowest tier of support only is granted a single week per cycle.

Chapter 1, Season 1, wrapped up yesterday, and now Season 2 is beginning this weekend through May 10th: “Welcome to Mad Run, a new overland dungeon with content that extends into levels 20 and beyond. Challenge yourself with new encounters, new loot, and a new boss to face off against.”

The studio debuted a new video explaining seasons last night:

Source: Pantheon
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