Pantheon Rise of the Fallen marks progress on pet system, combat, visuals, and March 30’s Season 2


Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen appears to be trying to exude a renewed sense of vim and vigor in the February producer’s letter, which gets right past the preamble and outlines several lines’ worth of progress updates made to the MMORPG as it opens its current season to additional backer tiers.

Updates applied to the game include new ambient sounds for Avendyr’s Pass, a “healthy start” to new plate armor sets, improved lighting, and a host of combat enhancements to animations, the resist system, melee, weapon techniques, and Wizard VFX. In terms of larger features, progress has been made on the pet system, which is now moving to its second phase of development, along with optimization of the Pulse engine that drives player and NPC interaction and the creation of a new Mad Run zone that will arrive with Chapter 1 Season 2.

Incidentally, that next season has a launch date of Saturday, March 30th, with more updates to come later. In the meantime, Champion backers get into Season 1 on March 16th and all backers get their week of access March 23rd.

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